Friday, September 25, 2009

This Kid Has Many Adventures

The Two Guilty Parties

Yesterday the house almost burned down. Well, not almost, exactly but... closer then the house would like.
It all began with an earnest desire on Kaje's part for a warmed roll from Texas Roadhouse. He came running in to me while I was scrubbing the bathtub  um... on the computer and told me he wanted to heat up his roll. Now, we have spent many a lesson on how to use the microwave for him, because he is basically obsessed with it (let's face it, it is a modern-day miracle), so, like the negligent mother I am, I told him to go ahead and warm it up, just press 1-0-start. Which I thought he did. Until.
A few minutes later he comes running into the room, waving his arms above his head -- I'm not joking about this -- and pant/screamed "I PRESSED 1-2-6-0-START! I PRESSED 1-2-6-0-START!" I was sortof confused at what he meant until he screamed "SMOKE!!!" Now smoke is a word I understand, and we both went high-tailing it into the kitchen/front room area, which was filling with smoke. I ran to the microwave -- which was actually billowing with smoke -- and then, because I am not a trained firefighter -- opened the door to see if there were flames. There were not, but thick black smoke came billowing into the room. I slammed the door shut, gathered my courage, unplugged the apparatus, put on hot pads, and exited the building with 7-year-old wedding gift microwave in my arms. I opened it out on the lawn to let the smoke out and see the blackened rotating plate and the char-broiled roll melted onto it.
It's sad, really. I chastised my son then hugged him 'cause I was so glad we were all still alive and my house was standing. Thank you for not letting my house burn down, Powers That Be.
Later in the day Kaje was sitting on the couch and said "Hey, Mom. Remember when you got mad and yelled at me 'cause I almost started a fire in the microwave?" Why yes, Kaje. I do remember that. Thank you for bringing it up.
I never knew how much the microwave makes our world go round. I miss you, cancer-causing agent.
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Jen said...

I have fixed my links and subscriptions. There!

Ducksoup said...

i miss you cancer causing agent. i love it you are too funny. and i love the crossed off text of the scrubbing the bathtub. you are so adorable ree. i love you to death and am glad your house is still standing as well. this story sort of reminds me of my down-syndrome roommate in college whom i absolutely loved. once she cooked a t.v. dinner for 30 minutes instead of 3 minutes. i swear our apartment smelled like smoke for days. again, at least the apartment didn't burn down. love yah!

I am a silly cow. :p said...

What a hoot! You are brave, woman! I haven't let the kids get into the kitchen too much yet by themselves...But, I have had to haul out my fair share of pans that I have burned myself!

Also, isn't it amazing how kids have to remind us of OUR emotions and actions when they retell stories? LOL

Simmons Family said...

haha, that is so funny!! I want to hire you to tell all of my kids crazy stories like that because you are such a good story teller. I am alway laughing when I read your posts!