Friday, October 2, 2009

Son, Your Mother Is A Spaz

Every day the school sends home a book for the kindergarten champions to read with their parents. This has been fun for us, but we're a little bit behind because last week Daddy was in charge of the story -- thank you, dear man -- while Mommy was out doing something she shouldn't be doing (probably like carousing running ... okay, I have no idea), and the book was lost. We searched for four days before we eeked out the victory, so we are four days behind. But we're catching up, baby! So last night when Kaje fell asleep before story time, I determined to get up a little earlier and read it this morning so we didn't become five days behind.

The story was called 'Chicken Sundays,' and it was such a delight. Except the fifty million times I had to stop for a minute to get control of my emotions. That story made me cry, cry like a wee little baby, and I just couldn't control it! It was very touching to me. But Kaje was getting a little frustrated by the last page. I would read a sentence, then have to stop and gather myself, read a sentence, stop to gather myself until he was finally like "Mom! Can you please not cry, 'cause I just really want to finish the story!"

This experience was proof to me that my waterworks have no time limit. Morning, noon, and night, I have the incredible talent of crying! Congratulate me, please.

The story is about the author as a little girl and her two best friends, who were brothers. It talks about service, trials, and differences seen through the eyes of a child. And a wonderful Grandma who gently guides them through understanding that we are all different, but our hearts are the same.


Seriously, read it to your kids.

But try to keep it together, 'cause nobody likes to receive funny looks while shedding tears over a homework assignment.


elise said...

Wow, that must've been a really touching book...OR...someone has an ANNOUNCEMENT to make. If you catch my drift. ;) I only cry like that when I'm...well, you know. Anyway, kudos to you on reading to your kid!!

Tink said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with built in waterworks!!!

Jen said...

I'd like to dedicate the Michael McLean song, "You're not alone" to this post.