Monday, November 9, 2009

The Big Adventure Report

As some of you guessed, Kaje's big surprise was a day in Disneyland! The Double B and I decided to take advantage of "the year of dreams" promotion (where you get in free on your birthday) and take our little guy for his big day. Kaje had NO IDEA. It was so fun to surprise him. The Double B had to work -- like always -- so Grandma went with us and we had such a wonderful time. Kaje didn't really believe we were going until we were about half way to California! This is us driving in on the Disney tram.
Luckily I'd decided to secretly pack his costume, and he was mighty relieved that he was able to represent as Peter Pan right there where Peter lives!
The Mickey flowers! I love how they are always so different and so beautiful. Those Disney gardeners... they must be geniuses. Kaje's birthday present was his own kid camera, and he was basically obsessed all day with taking his own pictures. I'll have to put some on here when I figure it out.
We went to Fantasyland first, and it was like my Fantasyland dream come true! The castle was blocked off because they were getting ready to shoot their Christmas special, so the only thing we can figure is most people didn't know the shortcut to Fantasyland and had to go through Tomorrowland or Frontierland. Either way, there was hardly anyone there, and we walked right on to almost every ride... twice! It was so awesome. The whole park was really amazingly un-busy (new word) for most of the day. We hardly waited for anything!
Later in the day the announcer on the carousel got on the speaker and said "Girls, please do not whip your horses. It will not make the carousel go faster." to a group of teenagers. Ha! I thought that was so clever. Don't they know where the carousel horses come from?! Honestly. The lack of Disney knowledge is shocking. :)
I haven't ridden Dumbo since I was a kid because the line is always so long, but we walked right on! We rode it three times that day and it was such a blast. It is a really fun ride! I'm riding it every time for the rest of my life. I will not deviate in my devotion again, Dumbo!
Kaje and Grandma. She is always so fun! We love Grandma. Thank you for coming with us! We appreciate the love for Disneyland you have put in us!
Here's Kaje on the Jungle Cruise. He spent the first part ducked behind the bench, like always.
Kaje's secret to dealing with fear: plug your ears. Try it sometime. It might help.
Christmas is almost here!
Waiting for the Jedi demonstration with the new Light saber. We rode Star Tours twice, and he said it was his favorite ride! The Double B was very impressed with him when he heard that.
It really was pretty intense! Kaje was glued to me and at one point asked "Are they real??" with terror in his voice. When I told him they were actors just like Mommy and just wearing costumes, he felt a lot better and after that started practicing with his light saber again!
Here we are with Minnie! Just 'cause it's blurry doesn't mean it didn't happen!
I'm so glad we were able to do this for our little Disneyland lover. He had a wonderful, memorable time, and was so good! He walked the whole day and never complained once! At the very end he said "Mom, my feet are getting so tired they are telling me they need to sit down!" And he got pretty urgent about finding a place to rest. But he never got whiney about anything -- was kind and happy and said "thank you" when people wished him a happy birthday! And he is SO PROUD to be six now.
Fears conquered with a vengeance:
Pirates of the Carribean. Handled it like a champ.
Haunted Mansion. Didn't like it. Survived it.
Thunder Mountain Railroad. Conquered it. Hated it. Makes him "seasick." Had to call Papas to get it out of his system. Survived it.
What a champ!

We love you, Kaje!
The next few posts conclude our adventure!


Tink said...

Looks like you had a great time! :-)

Tara said...

Congrats on six happy years! looks like a great time was had by all. I'm glad the robbery thing was timed so perfectly. Soending the weekend with undivided attention from Grandpa would be as cool adventure to.

elise said...

DISNEYLAND! I am so jealous. Did you eat a churro on my behalf? What a lucky boy you have (I mean besides the throwing up and almost being in a robbery).

Simmons Family said...

Aww to be a kid again in Disneyland!

Tamari said...

You truly had an adventure didn't you!? What a wonderful thing, words cannot describe how warm and wonderful I felt as I read all of your posts! Thank you for sharing. Disneyland is hands down one of my favorite places to be!!!

Kamille said...

My kids wish you were their Mom.

Emily said...

WOO HOO!!! Disneyland! I forget how stinking close you are to that magical place!! I'm so glad you went and had a great time!!!

Jen said...

So I had no idea you were talking about this weekend when you were talking about DISNEYLAND today. You are without doubt the coolest mom EVER!!!

And I'm so glad you missed the robbery! Hooray for vomit.

THE HILLS said...

That's an awesome birthday! I love Disneyland :)