Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Had This Epiphany

I decided the very best thing to do today would be to look at some pictures of my Liv that just crack me up.

She is so funny.

And also, a very talented trouble-maker.

Which is what I like about her. The girl has spunk.

Last night I was sitting there thinking (shocking, I know). I did lots of brain work yesterday, it was actually kind of refreshing. My mind just wanted to try to figure things out, questions I've been thinking about, etc. It was kind of a fun break from the usual I.Q. drain I usually subject myself to. Nice to know there are still a few brain cells left in there.
I had an epiphany. Just for myself. I am the captain of my own soul, so I'm the only person this epiphany applies to, really. You can still think what you want. But for me, this was like POW! Punched me upside the head. And I would have told The Double B about it, but he wouldn't have really agreed, and he was asleep watching his WWII show anyway.
It has really been bothering me lately how we make decisions... who we affect when we do so, and just how important our personal "happiness" really is in the grand scheme of things. For instance, I could make a choice that I think would make me happy, but would make my husband or my children miserable. Is it still the right choice? I don't think so, but it seems like I've been surrounded by people lately who seem to think that is perfectly alright. Especially if you're only sacrificing the happiness of the children. This mystifies me, quite frankly. Since life is not all sunshine and roses, can't we expect to feel some "unhappiness"? Can't we expect to have to sacrifice what is best and easiest for us at the time for the greater good? Won't the protecting of the happiness of the people we love ultimately lead to our best and happiest self? And I'm not talking about in the next life, either. I'm talking about here. I think doing those things will lead to our ultimate best and happiest self here. The thing that has amazed me maybe the most is how often this course of personal happiness is justified by gender... "He can't help it, he's a man and it's different for him." "She's a woman and feels things differently", etc. THIS DRIVES ME WACKO! We're all human beings, right? Of course we have differences, and yes, I believe God made us that way to a certain extent. However; I think most of our differences our culturally enforced. Like a man is excused for his sexual desires or actions because he is a man, and for mysterious reasons, "can not be alone". Like a woman who becomes an object because that is what is expected of her -- I have had so many people tell me lately that is how God made us. And this is what came into my head last night:
I do not believe God made us to behave the way we behave. I think he made us knowing we would have faults and strengths, trials and triumphs. I know he gave us certain roles. But that does not mean he MADE us to behave a certain way. We make our own choices. We are captains unto ourselves. We are the ones who allow these excuses to justify our destruction of the happiness of others. And I feel really strongly about this.
Just in case you're wondering.
Sorry, I just had to get that out of me. Anyhow, aren't you glad I posted those pictures of Miss Livi first? It was a purposely snare to get you to still like me! Go look at them again... they are really funny. And I love that she always has something on her face. Who is this girls mother, anyway?
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Tink said...

How does one think so much???
I wish I could think about one topic at a time and really work it out in my brain before it moves on to something else. Usually there are about 100 random thoughts at once and no inparticular one gets any special attention. Love you! Are you excited for tonight????????

Emily said...

MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY!! I mean, 100% exact! I have thought a whole lot about it too!! You put it very well!! And the pictures are adorable!

Jen said...

Yes. Precisely.

Kamille said...

Loved the Livi pics. Always a good way to start anything, don't you think? And, there you have it. I love how you can feel so very strongly about something so global. It's amazing. I try to not wrap my brain around the universe in such a way. Once again, you are a smart little one.

I am a silly cow. :p said...

I agree. I am guilty of doing that very thing, but, I agree!

God created man, sin entered the world...the world went to crap...I, too, and sick and tired of the gender bias stuff...Each of us is responsible for our own choices!

We live in a sin-cursed world, and our flesh LOVES to justify our actions by using clever phrases like:

I deserve...
It's only just a...
Why can't I? So and so gets to...

God showed us in His Word that we need to love by serving others (service...that is what "worship" means in Greek). Love is a verb. When we serve ourselves, we show others that we love ourselves.

When we serve others, it can allow for our flesh to be put aside and for God to love them through us.

Great thoughts, dear...great thoughts! Thanks for sharing!

Cory Reese said...

I love Mountain Dew and pumpkin pie.

I can't help it. I was made that way.

Christina said...

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog about my post at Segullah. And boy, your Livi is adorable! I love that you let her color on herself.

And I agree with your rant that the general attitude of "whatever makes you happy" has gone too far in our society. We've forgotten the importance of sacrifice and giving of ourselves. In the long run, that is what brings true happiness, as well as peace of conscience.