Monday, November 9, 2009

The Time I Was Almost In A Robbery.

The strangest thing happened on our way back home. We were about a half hour in the car, switching freeways as you do in Southern California when Kaje said he was car sick and going to throw up. My Mom turned around to help him, and sure enough -- he got sick. Thankfully, there was an exit right there and I took it, going over the overpass to a lone Burger King. The parking lot was empty, and I gathered him up and took him inside. There were no workers in sight, but I figured they were in the back and I took him in the bathroom to clean him up. My Mom followed right after, and we switched clothes and washed hands, etc. It took about two minutes and then we went back into the dining area, and I went up to place our order for breakfast. The worker looked very shaken and said "Would you mind going to the drive-thru? We were just robbed, and the police are on their way and we need to protect the crime scene." I sat there in shock for a minute, apologized he had been through that, and we high tailed it out of there and back on to the freeway! It took a few weird minutes for it to set in, but then both my Mom and I were pretty shaken for awhile, and so thankful that Heavenly Father spared us from being in that situation. We don't know if it happened while we were in the bathroom, or right before we came in. But we missed it by seconds. All I could think was that my son was almost in that situation, and it really scared me. We were definitely watched over. I'm so thankful that light took such an unusually long amount of time to change! It is too scary to think of what would have happened otherwise. I am so thankful for an ever-mindful Father in Heaven!


Simmons Family said...

wow, that is scarry! I am glad you are ok!

Emily said...

yikes!!! That's very scary!! I feel so bad for the worker(s)!