Thursday, December 24, 2009

Jesus Was Born! So Was Nick!

This is my baby brother.

And today, Christmas Eve, is his birthday. I don't remember him being brought home, darnit. But I remember more of his childhood then he does! He seems to have amnesia about the whole ordeal. He was such a good kid. He used to want to be an elephant in the circus. He was really good at playing the roles I would assign him while playing 'House'. He was incredibly shy, and is still the strong but silent type. He's funny. He seriously speaks more kindly about other people then anyone else I know. He just doesn't ever seem to have anything mean to say. I'd like to be more like that! He also won the genetic competition in our family, which is mildly annoying. Both of my older brothers are very good looking dudes, but Nick is almost beautiful. My Granny used to make no bones about it -- Nick was the most beautiful baby she'd ever seen. Good job, Nick. Way to be pretty! Most important, though, Nick is rather dazzling on the inside. I have always looked up to him and I love him very, very much. I always counted on my big brothers to protect me and always knew I would protect Nick, even though he probably protects me more. It's just I feel such tenderness towards him. He has superhuman strength. He is doing and will do amazing things in his life. He helps other people. He is a good egg.
Happy birthday, Nicky. Nicholas Pickolas. Nick the _____. I love you! Thanks for being born!!! I'm so glad you were.


Anonymous said...

This is Nick the______. That pic makes me look like im 15! Thanks for all the lies!

Tara said...

I'm glad you have such a wonderful brother. Hope you have a merry christmas.