Monday, January 18, 2010

King Martin

On Friday, K.J. reminded me there would be no school on Monday because of "King Martin's Day." I was rather confused for a minute, and then I laughed and reminded him it was Martin Luther King Day. We talked about Dr. King for a minute -- K.J. has a book called "Martin's Big Words" that he likes to read quite a lot, even though I never quite make it through in one piece.
I love Martin Luther King.
I love a good person who changes things for the better.
I am thankful for parents who never taught or displayed anything but tolerance, tolerance, tolerance.
I hope I would have been one of his greatest supporters.
I wish schools would spend more time showing and reading his speeches and teaching about what he really did and accomplished.
I think we all still have a dream.


Simmons Family said...

amen sista!!

Ducksoup said...

i am with you rie. schools should do that, they should also pray i say. glad to know other kids need milk to get night night too. brade always drinks milk before bed and then when he is in bed he tells me he needs more milk. pretty sure his teeth are going to rott from it since the brushing goes on in between. anyway, happy king day to you. glad your little kindergartner got the day off.