Thursday, January 7, 2010

Letters... Again.

Dearest Actress Amy Adams,
I mean, I don't want to be you or anything,
but I truly do think you are adorable.
And deeply talented.
And is your hair really that red?
And how come you look so cute pregnant?
And could I just act some of your roles but still be a stay at home Mommy?
Please let me know.
Your pal,

Dear Paul formerly Saul (of Bible fame),
I just would like to thank you and also say that I have really been thinking about you since last night. What was this thorn in your side? Did it hurt badly?
I just want you to know you are kind of my inspiration.
Your attitude -- I'm pretty much going to put it on my wall.
I love you, Paul. I really do. Thanks for the great example.
I shall try to be more like you.
Your buddy,

Dear Jenny,
I always think of your blog like... my blogging inspiration.
I think it is cute. I think you are cute. Don't change a thing. But I kind of do like the Lisa Simpson hair from your picture today. That's all.

Dear Cousin Tina,
I want to know where you got your posting fire from.
Like, suddenly you are going for the pulitzer -- and I like that.
Do they have blogging pulitzer's? I think they do.
And you are up for one, buddy!
I think that, probably, we should do more things together.
We are cousins, after all.
Love you dearly,

Dear Ben,
I just want to thank you for letting me get on the computer.
I know that you were playing your game.
And you have a right to play your game.
But I cleaned the kitchen, and like, I think I deserved a reward.
Thank you for giving me one.
Did you know that sometimes "like" is like, my favorite word.
I am deeply in love with you,
and plan on being so... forever.
Keep being cute,
your Woman.

Dear Nausea,
Go take a flying leap.

Dear Dad,
I think you are very helpful on many levels.
Also, thanks for marrying my Mom.
Your friend,


Tara said...

sorry you're not feeling well. I hope you are feeling better soon. I'm glad Ben is taking such great care of you. Good luck with the party ideas. I loved all your letters.

Jen said...

Dear Henry,

Quit cutting teeth.

Love, the object of your scream festivals.

Dear Marie,

Thank you for your kind words in this time of crisis.


Tina Williams said...

I think I might have just achieved stardom! You addressed me in your blog. I might begin signing autographs quite shortly. Thanks so much! I'm famous! Keep feeling better! M.D. wanted me to contact you about your blogging, that it is in short supply as of late but in high demand. I told her I wouldn't call, that you have an infirmity -- one I recently experienced and so you are forgiven for leaving us wanting more. You are loved.

Your soon to be on Oprah (I'm famous enough now right) cousin,


P.S. -- I would love to hang with you and yours anytime!

Ducksoup said...

Dear Marie,
I think your letters rocked. Every last one of them. I of course liked them all but I'd really like to address the one to Dear Nausea. Seriously nausea, please do leave Marie's house at once. you are no longer welcome there. she has endured you for a while now and enough is enough. i banish you from the burdette household. and to you marie, i am sorry. i hope you get feeling better soon! all my love, FC

Kamille said...

You are clever. What more can be said.