Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Little Bit Pointless, But Still.

I really... really...
I am really happy to say The Double B is home today. I miss that little chicken, because he's had to work a lot lately. I miss just chillin' on the same couch with him.
Last night I got sick. My laurel girls were here at 7 and left about 8:30, at which time I was ready to call for the gurney (Don't you guys love to hear my sickness stories? I feel that you do. That is why I share them). I covered it well, though, I flatter myself. But by that point, I barely had what it took to read a bedtime story and put the children in their places. I kept saying "Mommy!" in the Timon way -- you know, Timon from 'Lion King 1 and 1/2'? I wanted my Mommy, too. But she would have just had to sit there and put her hand on my forehead and feel sorry for me. That's pretty much what I wanted. Anyhow, I laid on my bed and moaned, and called for the Double B. He came and gave me a priesthood blessing, and then got me the following items: a glass of water. One tylenol. An orange and a paper towel. A new orange, 'cause the other one was old. Put on 'Bringing Up Baby.' Turn off the light. Isn't he lovely? I think so. I fell asleep. However; one hour later I was awake and sick again, and sitting in the tub and fake crying. I finally... fell... asleep. Until 2. Where I was awake and in terrible pain until 4, at which point I said a little prayer that went like this: "I know there are so many more people in the world in much greater pain then I am, but I am really hurting and if you get time could you please help me?" I prayed for awhile. Then I fell asleep! And the pain let up! And I slept until 8! Let this be a lesson to you, folks: Even when Marie tells long, drawn out, kind of pathetic stories about nighttime yuckies, the Lord hears and answers our prayers. Amen.

None of this is really the point. Well, knowing that the Lord loves us is always the point.
But the other point is that The Double B turns 30 this year -- in August.
And I really, really want it to be a birthday to remember. Something sensational. Something wonderful. Something that makes him feel as special as he is.
But I'm having trouble here!
I had one plan that would rock his world: but I don't have $1000 for a three day trip and won't in August, either.
The other plan, which was also fairly awesome, was foiled today. Curse you, Garth Brooks! Okay, not curse you. I love you. But work with me, here.
I need a plan. An awesome plan. Do any of you harbor awesome plans that you can slip to me under the cover of darkness?
I love birthdays.
I really, really do.

I realize this post doesn't have much of a point. But know that I love you.
And what more do you need, anyway. Love is very valuable.
The End.


Ducksoup said...

i am so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, SORRY. yuck riese. that does not sound fun at all to be that sick. you are tougher than me. a slight headache about puts me in my grave. hope you get feeling better today and feel better for a really long time. i'm glad the double b is home today. i'm glad he takes such good care of you. you should come to salt lake for the double b's birthday. we'll have a huge party...

Tink said...

I hope it wasn't the soup that made you sick! I really was just trying to be nice. But I hope you feel better today. Good luck with the birthday should help Jon plan mine too! :-) just because you're so awesome at birthdays!

Tink said...
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