Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April Valentine

We are visiting Grandma B's house, and there is a picture of the Double B and his own grandmother "Granny" on the wall. Livi just said "Hey, that's my Daddy!" to which I replied "I know, isn't he handsome?" "Yep! And he's going to marry my Granny!"
Um... okay. Let's play that game!
The Double B marries his 96 year old grandmother... hm....
Okay. I'm done with that game.

I just realized something of universal significance.

There was a president named Millard Fillmore, that served from 1850-1853 (odd... was he assassinated? Did he drop dead of a heart attack? I can't believe I don't know this!). There is also a town here in Utah named Fillmore. In the county of Millard. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN, PEOPLE?!??! I don't understand. I can't see any early U.S. President being a great friend of the Mormons. So what does that mean. Were we just sucking up? I just... don't... understand. If you are history buff and know this random information, please enlighten me. I feel so confused.

Livi's most recent statement: "Look, Mom, I made a pooch!" Here's the thing: I think I could write down every single thing my children say and think it was hilarious. I just have a problem that way. Please excuse me.

Today my family has a conflict of interest. Case in point: I have my 28 week check-up at 2:30. Olivia has her three year check-up at 2:40. Luckily for us, today is my dear husband's day off, so he'll just drop me off and then be the lone ranger -- for his first time ever -- to take one of his children to the pediatrician. I told him I would make him a list of questions, 'cause I do have a few concerns, such as: what's that lump? and Could you look at this mole? I told him to ask Dr. Smith why her lower lip has the ability to stick out so far, and he sat silently for a moment and then said "I'm not going to ask her that." Oh, come on, Double B! Can't you take a joke?! I laughed at him for at least two minutes. Because I can. I am his wife, sealed to him for-ev-er. He aint never getting rid of me. And so I try to take the opportunity to harass him at every available opportunity. It is for his own good. And growth. Sort of like a strenuous trial.

That is just one of the many things I offer my eternal companion. You are welcome, darling and most beloved friend! You are most welcome.

Last night we had a presidency meeting before the stake activity. It was kinda dramatic. There were tears, people! Tears! Tears of concern, mostly. But I told my very wonderful second councilor if she couldn't stop crying I was going to throw her out of the room. Because every time I looked at her, it would make me cry. And so on and so forth. You shouldn't do that to a pregnant woman. Really.
P.S. She did not take my threat seriously. I do not know why.
P.P.S. I just love working with the young women so much. It is the greatest calling of them all. Even if they do keep you up sometimes in the middle of the night.

In conclusion, I would just like to say that in all reality, I wrote this blissful post full of nothingness for my cousin Tina. Because I told her I would post on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Here is my Wednesday post, Tin. Remember when I told you there was nothing worth sharing in my head except a slight buzzing sound? I think I have proved that today. I think I have also proved the great love I have for you. And for all my fabulous cousins so willing to expose themselves to the buzz. Let this be your Valentine.
Love, Marie.


Elise H. said...

Okay, that's weird.

My husband took my kids to the doctor by himself for the first time yesterday. His major item of business: ask the doctor about the lump on MY Olivia's face.

Spooky, Marie.

Since we're so much alike, you wanna do my finals for me??? :)

Ducksoup said...

bless tina's heart for making you post. i just love a post from marie. i was surprised you had already posted i know why. your day sounds exciting. hope your 28 week appt went well. woo hoo. you only have 12 weeks to go. that is awesome. seriously, pregnancy is sooooo long. i hope the double b does a good job asking all the questions. you never know with men :). happy wednesday. thanks for the valentine.

Diane said...

So since I know a few random Utah History facts as a 4th grade teacher should, I will enlighten you. We were trying to gain statehood when Millard Fillmore was president. So we named a county and a town in that county after him. Fillmore was also the 1st state capital of Utah because they figured that was a more central location. Now, I'm certain you really wanted to know all of that, right?

Tina Williams said...

Dear Marie,

You are the best! Absolute Best! Thanks for giving me something to read while I feed my son. Thanks for giving me so much insight into your life. I love your brain, its thoughts and feelings and responses to trials and blessings. You are a blessed example of goodness. Thanks you oh so much! I can't wait for Friday!

Jen said...

Also, that is four years. 1850 51 52 53, the new one would be inaugurated jan of 54. A little math problem I also experience regularly, too, counting the first number in a series.

Simmons Family said...

I have to say that I love the quotes from your kids, they make me laugh and smile! It reminds me of our quote wall in our apartment!