Monday, May 10, 2010

Seriously, I Love This Job

Last night I just had to ask the Double B if he thought Oprah would find me interesting. I mean, not that Oprah is my #1 (or #1000) person I want to impress, but I was just wondering. 'Cause I'm sort of like... not that exciting these days, you know? He quickly assured me she would find me very interesting, and started to list reasons why. He is such a good fellow. And by the end of his little list, I thought "Hey, I am kind of interesting!"
If you have a good man, let me tell you, ladies -- it's worth all the farting and stuff.
Yesterday was great. I love being a Mother, and I love my Mothers, and I love my Grandmothers, so Mother's Day doesn't drowned me in guilt or anything like that. It makes me happy. 'Cause I have been nurtured. And holy froo-frah, I'm a Mom myself! And my kids don't have a very perfect Mom -- far from it -- but I love them. They will never be able to say they never heard their Mother swear. I am, in fact, the one who taught them the "D" word. They won't ever be able to say their Mom kept a perfect house or baked home-made bread or never yelled. But they will be able to say I loved them more then anything else and liked them a lot, too. So I feel good about things.
Plus, I am thankful on Mother's Day for the man who made me a Mother and let's me be married to him and doesn't run off with any of his many female admirers. I am thankful that he made me a delicious Mother's Day breakfast and bought me Big Stick Popsicles 'cause those just really float my boat right now. I am thankful he laid down and snuggled with me after church even though he had better things to do and told me he loved me and that I am the best mother in the world and kissed my face.

Life is good.

My kids rock.

My Mom and Dad gave me this plaque that says "All I have seen teaches me to trust the Lord with all I have not seen." It is a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson. And I love it very much. And a card that has made me cry THREE times. And I have only read it three times. Because I'm a big, soppy baby.

Guess what? I have a diabolical cough. It is threatening to cut me in half. But I got a blessing yesterday and that has helped a lot and my best friend the OB let me know what kind of cough medicine I can take and I think that is starting to help a little. K.J. and I had the following conversation when I picked him up from school:

K.J.: Mom, I think I gave you my cough.

Me: You're the one who gave me this cough?!

K.J.: Yep. Because I had allergies and they don't bother me anymore. I think my sneezes went down my throat and I think I gave my cough to you.

Me: Well, as soon as we get out of this car I'm going to tickle you for giving me your cough!

K.J.: Oh. I'm just kidding. I think my cough is in my stomach and somebody else gave you your cough. It wasn't me.

And... scene.

May you all have a wonderful, marvelous day.


Ducksoup said...

your post was fabulous. loved the quote you shared and am glad your mother's day was great. and ben is a lucky guy to have you. he would be crazy to go off with his admirers. that would be really sweet if you were on oprah though. i would totally fly to chicago for the event. just let me know... happy day to you.

TeamDall said...

happy mother's day aunt marie!

Wendy Bro. said...

I don't know why I haven't read your blog for a while. Honestly, you crack me up in the greatest way. You are a doll and had such a great tribute to your "moms". You learned well because you are such a great mom yourself. Take care sweetie!

Kamille said...

Seriously, love my job as a mama, too. Little cuties.