Monday, June 14, 2010

And You Just Thought It Was Flag Day!

Dearest, Most Wonderful, Most Fabulous Dad,
Today is your birthday! Shout hooray!

I am glad you were born, Dad.

I celebrate your birth, even if you try to play it down and just plan on working and you're probably playing incognito and not telling the masses that today is the day you were born. But you should. You should tell the masses. Because you are AMAZING! And in honor of your birthday, everyone puts up flags (I never thought flag day had anything to do with it). Your birth was so momentous, it makes people feel patriotic. It certainly makes me happy to be alive, especially since I got to be your daughter. So thanks for being born.
Thanks for teasing the heck out of me my whole life. And for not teasing me so much right now. ('Cause I just don't think I could handle it as well, and thank you for getting that.) I am glad to be your princess, and feel good knowing you love me forever, for always, and no matter what.
Thanks for always being a good example. Thanks for giving me the gospel. You didn't know when you made that big momentous humongous decision that you would have a daughter like me that would shrivel up and die without it. You just did it because you knew it was true. But thanks for giving me the opportunity, and for the many father's blessings I've had from you that are truly special and sweet memories for me. Thanks for being such a righteous example. You are exactly what a dad should be.
Thanks for marrying my Mom. Smart decision on your part, but thanks for doing that and honoring her and showing me how a man should treat a woman. Thanks for working hard at that partnership and showing me it can work. Thanks for loving my husband and being such a great Dad to him.

And thanks for giving us the early warning system of a rolled tongue. It doesn't show up too often, but the rolled tongue can be scary. You are a very tolerant man. I like that about you.

I honor you for being such an amazing Grandpa. My kids are so blessed to have you for their Papa. I'm excited that child #3 gets that opportunity, too (provided Olivia let's her have a turn with you). They love to see you, crawl all over you, be hugged by you, get squeezes from you, get spoiled by you, and eat your food or drink your drink. It's just that you are so willing.

My kids thought long and hard about what they wanted to get you for your birthday. Olivia thought she'd get you chocolate, because she just knows you love chocolate. And K.J. thought Diet Pepsi would be the perfect choice, because he knows you just love Diet Pepsi. And let me tell you, they thought long and hard about the card. Because you're that special to them. And as proof of your Grandpa-goodness, you will find one of your chocolate bars is missing a piece. Because Livi just had to try it to see if you'd like it, you see. And she assured me that you would want her to try it. So she did. Let's think of her as your royal taste-tester. And she totally survived, too. You are good to go on this, your big day.
Dad, I love you. I picked these three pictures so everyone could see just what a great guy you are. I think they say it all. But I said more, 'cause I could never really shut up. Oh yeah, and thanks for listening to me.

I love you, Dad. Thanks for being my Dad.

Thanks for being born.



Jen said...

What a great guy. I have always known there was something special about both of your parents because they produced such gems as you and Matt.

Paulette said...

Happy Birthday to your dad!!

Ducksoup said...

so cute rie. what a wonderful post. what a lucky Dad to have such a great daughter like you. and it totally makes me smile livi taste tested the chocolate.

Tink said...

Happy Birthday Dad! We all love you so much!

Simmons Family said...

happy birthday to your day, What an awesome guy!!

Wendy Bro. said...

Guess What??? My birthday is the same day as your dads. Isn't that wonderful? I thought the flag was flown for me until I was a teenager and learned it was flag day. I guess it was flown for your dad as well!!