Friday, June 18, 2010

To Honor Our Agreement, Tina -- But Not Worth Your Time Or Salt!

What if I want to be exquisitely brilliant today, but it's just not a brilliant day? What if it's just a regular day and I don't have a brilliant bone in my body? What if I can't crack a joke or be the "inner me" or anything?

Can we still be friends?

In fact, I would just let today slide, but I just know that my cousin Tina would feel a jolt in her life if I didn't post on both Wednesday and Friday. Would you, Tina? Huh? I do this for you, my friend. Please don't feel jolted, whatever you do.

I almost broke myself in half yesterday nesting. But dangit, this baby will have a home to come home to. Even if she doesn't come for four more weeks, although by all that is merciful, I could take today and be just fine with that.

My body is struggling. Same thing with Olivia, I think. Enlarged organs that I need, things like that. Things that would make me crazy, except that the Lord and I have been working together to de-spaz Marie for the better part of a year now, and it's working pretty well. For which I give Him all the credit. (You know that promise, weak things can become strong? He means it, people.) I think, to my disappointment, that my body just can't do the whole pregnancy thing as well as some people's bodies can. And I still love my body. I appreciate it so much for trying so hard. I also want to have this darling, precious bundle of joy both so that I can love her and also so that it can work even harder to heal itself. That just like last time, things will be kind of junkie for awhile, and then will get better and better until I am better. Ben gave me a blessing that said my body will be strong enough to finish this pregnancy and afterward will be able to heal itself. And I have total faith that that is exactly how it will happen. 'Cause that is what happened before; after the trial of my faith. Plus, I felt an assurance from the Lord before this pregnancy happened that this is what He wanted me to do and that even if my body struggled a little, everything would be okay.
Basically, I feel good about things. If you wanted to say a little prayer or two for my little whipper-snappin' body, though, I wouldn't feel too bad about that at all.

Guess what? The flu has struck my family with a vengeance! Last time it was the kiddies, this time it was the grownups. First the Double B, then me, my Dad, my brother Nick and his wife, and now my Mom. WE. ARE. AWESOME.

Ben says I am a horrible thrower-upper. Which I think is mean of him, considering I have much angst whilst throwing up. He says I don't do it right. To which I would like to say: Who died and made you the throw-up judge, buddy?! My husband, the throw-up judge.

I am so proud.

See? I told you I don't have anything of national importance to share today. But I shared it, nevertheless. For you, Tina. Amen.

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