Sunday, June 20, 2010

Like, The Twister Touched Down!!!

This one time -- like, I would say, last Saturday -- there was a summer thunderstorm that I would go so far as to call a magnum opus. It was a thing of beauty and wonder. My husband, the previously mentioned Double B, had come in just an hour before from re-roofing a house for an older couple in the ward. And then all hail broke loose. (Haha. Thank you for indulging me.) Literally. Hail. Big hail. And torrents of rain, thunder, and lightening. The best part of it all was that it all came down when my honey was out tilling our yard for new grass. Behold, the drowned Double B:
Look at it come down!
Oh, you can't see clearly enough? Here's another go:

Look, a man-made lake!
Our neighborhood went for a swim:

There's my husband.... he doesn't know when it's time to come in. Hailing golf balls? Fine, no problem! He even slipped in the mud and fell right on his caboose in front of our new neighbors. I'm so sad I didn't see it. I got distracted for just one second. Ironic.

It's okay, honey. Don't let the hail get you down.
Here's the best part. Right behind us, right where I couldn't see, funnel clouds formed. And two even touched down to the ground, one uprooting a tree. Just like... half a mile from our house. Right when my honey was out toodling around and my son and I were enjoying the view from the porch.

The Double B could have woken up and found himself in Oz.
He's maybe just a little sad he didn't.

The End.


Ducksoup said...

go ben go. seriously, that is amazing he worked through that. wow! i see a little rain and run in the house. are you just replanting your grass? our backyard looks sorta like your front yard. except we have a lot more rocks. yards are so fun. well way to go double b. you deserve an award.

Elise H. said...

I'm sorry I missed that storm. I love a good hail/lightening/thunder/tornado storm. Your husband is a trooper. Or he just wanted you to feel bad for him. :)

Kamille said...

Wowza-zowza. That storm made the hospital crazy, in case you were wondering. How brave of your husband to both re-roof a home and till your yard in the weather! Hooray for that.

Cory Reese said...

I thought I liked Ben before. But seeing pictures of him STILL tilling amid the, my respect just grew so much more.