Thursday, October 7, 2010


I have the cutest pictures of Katee Jill to show you.

She is unbelievably fat at almost three months old. I create large and delicious children, what can I say.

But the computer won't upload my card right now, which I think is both hurtful and offensive. So you and I will both have to wait until next time. Alas.

Guess what. Katelyn (of picture fame) slept until SEVEN O'CLOCK THIS MORNING. This is... a modern day miracle! Formula is A-#1, man! It would have been even more awesome if my two older children were not spooned around me, throwing body parts over me, kicking me, or laying on top of me. Both the victims of nightmares? I think not, people. But oh well. My victimization does not take away the marvelousness of Miss Katee-pants. May this trend of radicalness continue, that's all I can say.

Today on the way home from school Miss Shawna yelled to Olivia "Hey Livi, does a rooster say 'Moo'?" To which Olivia responded "No! It says CROCK-A-DOODLE-DOOOOOOOO!!!!" It was pretty much awesome.

The End.


Tink said...

my children do that to me when I'm trying to sleep too. It makes me pretty crazy. I keep thinking one day they will be 'too old' to sleep with mom and dad, but I never thought we would make it to 6 years. I thought kindergarten would make her want to sleep in her own bed, but no!

Ducksoup said...

go katelyn go! i'm hoping my next one will be just like that :). and i can hardly wait to see the pics! and thanks for your letter to ryan. apparently he had a few friends call him, so he decided to see what i was posting. and olivia is really cute.