Monday, December 20, 2010

A Christmas Miracle At Costco!

Guess what! I had a Christmas miracle on Saturday! The youth were assigned to clean the church that morning (that's not the Christmas miracle). When I got back in my grundgies and three children in tow, my Mom and sisters called and told me we were going to finish our Christmas shopping! So I thought "I look like a scrounge, and yet I do not care today" (still not the Christmas miracle), and I got into the car and went with my homegirls! It was exceedingly fun, and I spent $44 in candy (really not the Christmas miracle). But then: I was wandering in Costco when I heard "Marie!" I looked up, and there -- yes, there -- was "ELISE!" My internet friend Elise! In the flesh!!! With her husband! Do you know what this means? Elise is real! But also -- CHRISTMAS MIRACLES DO HAPPEN IN COSTCO! Elise looked completely adorable, and acted just like I have imagined she acts in the many times I have told stories to the Double B and my Mom and anyone else who would listen about "My internet friend Elise." And now I know Elise. In fact, I have her phone number. And here's the kicker: We're going to go do lunch. Our children will play with each other. And that, my friends, is a Costco Christmas Miracle. Because I really do love Elise. And now I know her! Hip-hip-Hoorah! I have always hoped maybe I'd get to just run into Elise one day. I just thought the day I ran into her I might be wearing real clothes. And have done my hair. And not have spit-up on my pants. But. You know, whatever.
Yay for Costco Christmas Miracles! I always knew Costco was a very magical place. I always, always knew it.

Yesterday was an excellent day for Kate the Great. I will show you what I mean.
Example One: Papas adoration. She loves her Papas. And she kissed him yesterday, a big slobbery piece of love right on the cheek. But she wouldn't do it again for the camera. And I remember how sharp those whiskers are, so I do not blame her. Her eyes look so dark -- they're actually a dark, dark blue.  Bee-u-tiful.

Example Two: Aunt Trina love. She was twisting all over the place to look at Trina. And then she got spoiled and had Aunt Na all to herself. She was loving it! So cute!
Example Three: Porter love. Speaks for itself.
Example Four: More Aunt love! Aunt Silvee and K.J. making her laugh. She then overfilled her diaper and peed all over Aunt Sil's lap. Tragic but funny. Poor Sil! She took it like a champ!
It's good to be Katelyn.
K.J. has planned our whole week in "Centers." Centers are something they do at school -- sort of like a rotation learning system -- math center, reading center, writing center, boogey down center, etc. He informed me not to worry, he's got our whole vacation planned and it all has to do with centers. Today we have ten centers scheduled by young master Kaje. Though this is not a complete list, they include the following: craft center, cartoon center, park center (he says the pouring rain is not such a big deal), dinosaur museum center, wal-mart center, mcdonald's center, and story-time center. It should be a busy day in K.J.'s world!

He also has some other big news, but you have to wait until it comes to fruition before we can share. Just know that he just barely came into the room saying "My legs are shaking!" Oh man, I know you are just dying to find out! But you have to wait. You just. have. to wait.

It has been raining... and raining... and raining for days. Days. Weeks. Years. And there is no end in sight. And that is okay, because it is Christmas. But I hope one day to see that sun again. You always miss the sun when it's gone. Forces me to appreciate it. And quite honestly, I think I may be becoming vitamin D deficient. You can never be too careful about these kinds of things!

I was just reading this thing about that skank Julianne Hough. And I feel bad for Julianne Hough, because she has rationalized herself into a whole lotta yuck. Honestly -- and this is nerdy, but oh so true -- I never see Julianne Hough doing her nasty without thinking of Julianne Hough's old young womens president. I feel for that woman. It must be very painful to watch all that. There is one of my former young women I have cried over more then once, but at least she's not dancing around her bedroom in her tiny underwears for all the world to see. Yuck, Julianne. Just yuck. May you someday rise to what is within you! But you're making it hard. Really, really hard for yourself. Poor little psychopath.

And now that I've gotten that off my chest!
The best part about having kids is seeing Christmas through their eyes. We're going to have a fun week with no school, rain, and a Christmas tree! Being a Mom is the bomb-diggity. Merry Christmas! And God bless us, everyone.


Elise said...

It WAS a Costco Christmas miracle! All day long I kept telling DJ, "I can't believe I finally met Marie!" By the end of Saturday he wanted to ring my neck, I'm sure. And you are my new favorite person, by the way. Did I mention that I love your Smurf t-shirt? How awesome are you? Very awesome.

Next, you need to tell KJ to plan an Elise's House center for Christmas break. We will party and eat something made of sugar.

Elise said...

Oh yeah, and who is Julianne Hough?

I will have to Google her. Or should I?

Tink said...

DANG IT, Marie, Can't I have ONE, just ONE, Decent picture on your blog!!!! Although it was really adorable of Katee. So I guess you're forgiven! My kids want to live at your house...can they???? :-) Just kidding. I'm trying to be a cool mom, it's a little difficult with no car and pouring rain outside! Nontheless, I shall conquer.

Ducksoup said...

thank you for posting. i thought before checking my dashboard, "i hope i hope i hope marie posted". and then you did and then i got even more excited about the title. anything to do with costco i get pretty excited about. i'm with you, that place is magical. k.j.'s center learning stations sound awesome. sounds like you will be pretty busy. i hope you learn a lot at the cartoon station :). well love yah rie. merry christmas!