Friday, December 10, 2010

O Christmas Tree

First off, YES!!! for Elizabeth Smart!!! I am so, so, SO happy for her!!! Go, Elizabeth, Go! Go, Elizabeth, Go!!!

My family had our yearly Christmas party last weekend, and as always, it was a rockin' good time. My big brothers, Jontard and Mattard, and I came up with the most rockin' jump rope game ever: Spastic Jump Rope. It. Was. Amazing. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures, so the keepsake I want to highlight today is staring at me on our Christmas tree every day. I will share it with you.
Never ones to turn away from our natural artistic talent, Urrn and I made each other a keepsake Christmas tree. Of course, Urrn left the masterpiece I made for him (rude, right?) but that is A-OK because I kept it and fully plan on bronzing it for him to hang on his own Christmas tree. Here we are hard at work:
Here's Urrn with the beautiful tree I made with love all for him (you can't see it, but at the top it says "R.N." Because he is a murse, and I am just very proud of that).
And here is the tree he made for me. It looks so beautiful from the front. I won't show you the back, because the back has some totally serious problems. Don't worry, Urrn, it holds a place of honor on our fake tree.
If you need our services, we are totally available for hire. Maybe I'll send our work in to Nie Nie or another blogger asking for free stuff so they can write about it on their blog. Of course, we come with a price, but I believe you will see from the quality of our work that we are worth any -- and I do mean ANY -- extension of your wallet!
Merry Christmas season!
Stay tuned for further family christmas party updates throughout this yuletide season. I know you are yearning for them!

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