Monday, January 31, 2011

Catch-Up Ball

The wind is bloooowwwwwing. To come up with a simile: It is like we are going to blow away. To come up with a metaphor: The wind is a blue monster threatening me with snow and angst.

I hate snow.

But that is beside the point.

Last week I saw these two orange lights in the sky that I can not explain. I was not alone in the car, either, there were three other ladies with me. And my Zumba instructor saw them, too. Our explanation: alien exploration ship, checking to see if this planet can sustain life.

But that is only one theory.

So... last week I got the Double B all to myself (or almost all to myself) because he took a vacation. We didn't go anywhere, but it was nice to not have to wake up and tell him "just quit and we can live off the government." He just got to be home! It was lovely. Sometimes I got annoyed over weird things, though. Which just proves: I am female. And also, I am a girl. And also, possibly difficult at times to live with. And also, I live with a weirdo.

I just love that Double B.

Our girls have been sick all last week, and are still hacking and leaking fluid from facial cavities and stuff. I think K.J. has been pretty disappointed that he hasn't caught anything so that he could miss school (starts early, doesn't it). I feel bad for my girls. They are so cute. And it's sad to hear "hack-hack-hackity-hack" from a six-month-old, or "My eyes are glued shut!" from a nearly four-year-old. It really is sad. I have hope for a full recovery.

I think a lot of people have had this gom-boo.

I had this "Values Tale" book as a kid about Louis Pasteur (my children are now enjoying it) where he finds the cure to rabies. And the vaccine is full of these little soldiers that march through the needle and attack the black rabies monsters! Ever since then, I never get sick without imagining my immune system sending gallant and good-looking soldiers in full regalia to kill the evil, black-ball-with-arms-and-red-eyes germs.

Which tells us the power of literature, I suppose.

I think you should know that K.J. and Savanna have broken up.
He told me all about it.
He didn't want to do it, it's just that their friend Jazmin wanted them to break up! And so they did. I asked him who broke up with whom, just for the record. He said they both broke up with each other. You will be glad to know they are still friends. Which I think is very mature of them. They are still planning to go out to dinner when they are 16.
My brother Nick asked him if he was having a hard time with it. He answered "Nope!"
He tells it all very dramatically. I love that kid.

K.J. has also started coming with me to be a part of the little musical theater production classes. Last week was his first week. He loved it, except that they kept having to do that dance again and again. I told him that's the hard part of being an actor, you have to practice until you get it right! But then you get to perform, and that's a blast. I was actually really nervous. Honestly, I have always known that kid has a tendency to follow my inclinations and interests. He could belt 'Aida' with his hands open wide standing under the kitchen table at two. But I've tried really hard, especially as he's gotten older, not to influence him either way. So I've been nervous about this. But he's going to play soccer this spring, which he is excited about, and I'm trying to convince him to do baseball. I just want him to try everything, you know?

Liv is at her pre-school (Little Scholars) at this very moment. They are having their Princess Party today! She picked her own modge-podge costume, which has a slight Snow White lean, but includes many other items. She practically waltzed up to Teacher's door. I am excited for her. I love the pre-school experience she is having, quite honestly. She is loving it and I am loving watching her blossom.

Last week for family home evening I gave the lesson on President Monson's call for more missionaries from the January Ensign. It had that little commitment paper for K.J. to sign, and we pulled out Daddy's missionary scrap-book to look at. We felt like it was going pretty well. We showed President Monson's picture at the beginning and asked "Who is this?" Livi screamed "A Prophet!" Score one for team Mom and Dad! K.J. said "Uh... President... Uh... (Mom says "Thom...") Thomas S. Monson!" Score two for team Mom and Dad!
The lesson was sailing along. K.J. said he wants to be a missionary like Daddy and all his uncles -- preferably in St. George, so he can come home every night. But he definitely wants to help people and teach them about Jesus. Livi might want to be a missionary, too. She is laying on her back on the couch next to me, swirling her feet in the air and making "ballet kicks" with her legs. At the end of the lesson I asked "So what is it that President Monson -- the Prophet of God -- wants us to do?" Livi bolts upright "I know just what to do!" she yells and runs out of the room, her little legs pumping as fast as they can.
The Double B and I looked at each other. He said, very hopefully, "Maybe she'll bring out a Book of Mormon?"
When she ran back into the room, she was wearing her underwear, a Dora button-up pajama top, and a pink sparkly Santa hat pulled down to her eyes. She ran into the middle of the room, threw her arms into the air and exclaimed:

And you know what? He probably does. I can't speak for him, but I'm pretty sure President Monson wants Olivia to be as cute as she can be. I think, if he'd been on the couch having family home evening with us, he would have laughed even harder then we did.

I know why Jesus loves little children.
Being a Mom has taught me all about that.

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Elise said...

I'm sorry your kids are sick. We have something going around our house too. Today it's my turn. I feel like a million rotten stinking bucks.
You get annoyed by little things, too? That makes me feel better about myself.
Finally, someone needs to tell K.J. that there's no such thing as a mutual break up. It's a myth. I learned that from Seinfeld.