Friday, January 21, 2011

A Fish Tale

This is the conversation K.J. and I had this morning:

Mom - Hey, buddy! How was ice fishing yesterday?

K.J. - Fun!

Mom - Did you love it?

K.J. - Yes.

Mom - Did you catch any fish?

K.J. - Uh... one.

Mom - Really?

K.J. - Yes.

Mom - Grandpa said you had a blast sledding.

K.J. - Yep! That was so fun!

Mom - Did you feel like one of the guys?

K.J. - YES. Except some of the fish were bleeding because the hooks got caught, and that made me sad.

Mom - Oh. Really?

K.J. - Yes. And one got a hook in his eye. It was so sad. But he's alive! Daddy said he's alive and he can still see! It's just he got a hole in his eye. But he can still see really good.

Mom - Really?

K.J. - Yep. And look, I made players for Aunt Trina and Uncle Jonnie!

And back to playing the Wii in the pre-school-time tennis ritual. That's when you know you have made it, when K.J. creates a Wii character for you.

My heart melted. He is such a tender little guy to be worried about the fish. I was proud to be his mom at that moment.

This is the first I've gotten to hear about the trip from Kaje himself because I didn't see him yesterday! They left way before the sun came up and I left to teach my classes before they got home. Then Costco to buy pretty much everything there. By the time I got back, he was asleep. So I went to Zumba and had a blast acting as spastic as possible (because that really works for me). And since K.J. is always awake before everyone else, I got a very nice little fluttery kiss on the cheek this morning to wake me up.

What a guy.

P.S. Teaching again was a blast. I was so glad.


Ducksoup said...

so cute. and the morning kiss is adorable. what a boy and way to go ben for reassuring him of such things.

Anonymous said...

ok, I like KJ allot, but someone really needs to tell the kid the fish WILL NOT KILL HIM!

Elise said...

I believe the fish is still alive and has 20/20 vision.

I mean, the thing lives under a humongous layer of ice. Anything's possible.

Cory Reese said...

Ben deserves brownie points for even daring to take a child ice fishing.

Desarae said...

Love it! Where/what are you teaching?