Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Team Three

I have really missed blogging the last week, I am not going to lie. I swear that it makes me a better mother. It sort of... expands my world, if you know what I mean.

Yesterday our Young Women finished something totally awesome! On Saturday and Monday, we read the Doctrine and Covenants from cover to cover. It is part of our plan this year to read the entire triple combination. We are calling ourselves "Three." Or, "Team Three," because that is easier to catch on to. It was really fun, and honestly -- pretty darn easy. We were blessed, and it is definitely the most I have ever enjoyed reading the D & C. I felt the spirit and am thankful to be a part of this church. My girls did AMAZING. I am so proud of them. At one point my friend Leesa leaned over and said "Can you believe how much our girls have grown?" She was talking about this experience and last years Team Book of Mormon. And they have grown so much. They are learning discipline and I hope -- discipleship. I love these girls and am so honored I get to share this precious time of their lives. It is truly a tender mercy to me that I get to work with them. They strengthen my testimony. And sometimes when I see the world around us and wonder what is going to happen, I am so thankful that I KNOW that there are those in the upcoming generation who will save the world. And I mean that. They will save the world. They stand for truth and righteousness, and they are not afraid to do it. What a gift to those of us who get to be around them.

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. I believe that.

The only problem with being a part of these teams is that the day after I always feel like I have been run over by a diesel train. UGH. And for some reason, Katelyn doesn't seem to realize I am achy all over and want to just lay there all day with a slight buzzing in my head. She still wants to be held and play. What's wrong with this kid! Seriously, though, she is so fun. Her little personality is for the most part very cheerful and happy to be here. I am so blessed to have her be mine.

Which reminds me. A few weeks ago I spent some time with an old high school friend. And quite honestly, I don't usually like to spend much time with a certain group of people from the ancient past, because they don't understand who I am now, and it ends up being confusing for both of us. It's the age old question for mothers, I guess. I had a talent. I worked hard for a very long time to master that talent. I had ambitions with that talent. And then I reached a crossroads. And I took the road that I feel is less traveled. And I am glad I did. I am thrilled I did. I don't regret that decision. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened to that other girl, but I know I am on the right road for Marie. I guess what I really dislike is having people feel like they have the right to superimpose their own feelings onto my decisions. They wouldn't have taken that road, and so they think I must regret taking it. When nothing could be further from the truth. So I tried to explain:
We all have decisions to make. I made mine. I am happy that I made those decisions. I am happy with the result of those decisions. And with those decisions came responsibility, and I will never, never walk away from that. It could be Broadway, an Academy Award, or a great and spacious building, I WILL NOT WALK AWAY FROM MY DECISIONS.
I guess they can't see, because they are not in my place, how super groovy it is to be loved and supported for eight years and hopefully for eternity by a good man who truly loves me, and sacrifices for me the way I sacrifice for him. And the amazing, irreplaceable gift that is sharing the life of K.J., Olivia, and Katelyn.
And I know that the greatest reason I followed this path would never make sense to them. Here it is, are you ready? I knew this is what God wanted Marie to do. And once I knew that, through lots of asking and multiple confirmations, I knew what to do. And I am glad I did it.
Of course I can still share my talents. There's not much opportunity around here right now, and I am busy with other important things, but I am starting to teach again. One afternoon a week, I am teaching acting and musical theater to a bunch of kids at a friends studio. So my light will no longer be under a bushel. Finding that light to bushel ratio can be very tricky sometimes.

And I keep starting sentences with "And." And that is incorrect. I apologize to all English lovers everywhere.

Please remember reading this blog is optional. You are under no obligation. This is not Public Television.

Finally, at this time of tax and tax returns, I would just like to thank the Congress of the United States of America for actually doing something sorta right. I would also like to tell the IRS that their federal power is enough to scare the best of us, and I will always file far before April 15th.
I love you, Lady Liberty.


Elise said...

I CAN'T STAND it when people try to superimpose their opinions all over my decisions, especially because I'm really impressionable and care too much what people think and it confuses me.

It can be difficult to find the correct light/bushel ratio, huh? Well said. I'm always worried that I've erred (sp?) on the side of bushel.

And I begin sentences with the word 'and' frequently, along with many other grammatical atrocities. Let's not even talk about semi-colons.

Finally, would you mind doing my taxes for me? We usually file like eight extensions.

Tink said...

On the other hand, I was always afraid you would take the road to Broadway and an Academy award...which would have been great, but you know how I feel about being a mother. Nothing could be greater! So I'm personally very proud of you for the decisions you have made!
:-) Love Me!

Ducksoup said...

you are like the coolest ever. your weekend sounded awesome. i want to become one of your y.w. just so i can see you in action. i think i would be telling all the girls a lot..."can you believe i am actually related to the pres" and of course they wouldn't believe it because you are way too cool for me.

and just so you know i'm hoping for a ginormous tax return. wouldn't that be awesome.

love yah FC!

Tamari said...

Thank you for this post. I needed to hear what you had to say. It was an answer to a prayer I recently had. I am in the same boat and have chosen a path less traveled and others in my past can't seem to understand and it can be hard sometimes. But I feel exactly the same way as you and I wouldn't give up my decision for ANYTHING! Love you Marie!!!

THE HILLS said...

You are so right.. the Light to Bushel ration is hard to find... I never thought of it that way before! I think that is something I'll always remember :)