Friday, February 4, 2011

Brave New World

This morning the subject of boxing came up. K.J. wanted to know why Mommy didn't want him to really box when he grows up, even though he is like... the best boxer ever on the Wii (the Christmas gift that has not yet lost its luster). Daddy explained that it is because we don't want his brain scrambled, which I think was explanation enough. But then it morphed into cage fighting. Of course this term was confusing. The Double B explained that cage fighting is kicking, hitting, etc. with no real rules. K.J. then exclaimed "You should kick 'em where it counts!"

I made a noise. I'm not sure what kind of noise, but a noise. K.J. looked at my expression. His defense? "You shouldn't listen to me, Mom."

To which I replied "It's kind of hard not to listen when you're sitting right next to me! Do you know what that expression means?"

And yes, he does.

First grade is a whole new world, isn't it!

Something tells me my brothers would be proud.

And as just a little dream, I wish my last name was something awesome like "Valentine" or "Shakespear" or "Love". I actually know people with those last names. And though I like both of the last names I have had in this life, I still think: what a rip. Those names ROCK.


Tara said...

We actually have some good friends with the last name of Love and they live in Loveland Co!

Anonymous said...

I am a very, very, very proud uncle!