Monday, March 14, 2011

There Were Never Such Devoted Sisters!

I may or may not have mentioned in the past my sister envy.
We all know my brothers are like -- the grooviest -- but I watch other sets of sisters and I think -- sigh. Look how they love each other! Look how they pick on each other! Look how they understand each other better then anyone else in the world!
It's a great comfort to me to have very wonderful sisters-in-law, 'cause brothers don't do girl talk. Yesterday, for instance, I was told I was a little pig, find a date for my friend or DIE, and "you're fun... yep, you're fun." So, you know.

When we were pregnant with Katelyn, I had no idea really whether she was a girl or a boy. I prepared more boy side then girl side. Maybe thinking Olivia would share my own fate, or maybe afraid that I would really have no idea what to do with that much estrogen in one household, having never experienced such an event before. For the record, the Double B always thought she was a girl. He has about a 98% success rate in picking the sex of any child in the womb. Just a little magical skill he has, I guess!
So really, when the day for the ultrasound came, I was -- shocked. Seriously. There was kind of a feeling inside of me laying there on that table, and I didn't know what that feeling was. And then -- suddenly -- there were tears! Big, shaky tears. Because one thought came through loud and clear: my daughters will have a sister.
Honestly, it was a profound experience.
These little girls have something I never got to, and in watching them, it fills a certain hole inside of myself.
And there is just nothing better then seeing them in action.
They love each other so much, and love to play together.
They already have disputes, as Katelyn tends to pull Olivia's hair out by the roots, and Olivia hugs Katelyn and then promptly leaves, forcing her little off-balance body to -clunk- right on her head.
They are already friends and when they see each other in the morning there are great big "HELLO, FRIEND!" smiles, a kiss from Livi and little pumping legs of excitement from Katelyn.
Olivia makes Katelyn laugh and Katelyn is Olivia's favorite photo subject (see above), since she is just "so beautiful! so cute!"
Plus, I don't know if you know this, but not only are they excellent human beings, they are also "good little girl witch" and "baby witch." I mean, how lucky can one mother be?

I can't wait for the girls nights out. I can't wait to tell them to stop giggling and go to bed! I can't wait for the fierce protection of each other. And maybe I can wait for the knock down, drag out fights. But until then, I'll just be glad for two little girls.
Seriously, sisters are the best.


Elise said...

I'm with you. Sistes ARE the best. May I be your honorary sister? That would be rad.


Jen said...

This post is why I think I really wanted this baby to be a girl. We had three girls in a row first in our family, and two more after Jesse, and I just LOVE my sissy pooh's! I want Grace to have one, too!

Tink said...

Seriously, sisters are the best! love ya sis.