Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Growth In All Forms

We don't have television at our house.
I mean, we have a T.V. and movies -- where would Marie be without N.C.I.S. and The Office on DVD to put me to sleep every night -- but we don't have televised television. Make sense?
We also don't have the internet, actually. I just come to my gracious parents house to blog. They're just nice like that.
But we do have cell phones, dangit!

The point of this is: I really don't know what is happening in Japan until I come over in the morning to blog, and then I feel so hurt and sad for those wonderful people. I can't believe how bad things are and just continue to be.

I guess we never really know the power of Mother Earth until there are signs in heaven and the earth beneath, and the waves heave themselves beyond their bounds. And then -- it's humbling, to say the least. And then you add the magic of radioactive power we've come up with all by our awesome selves, and bingo! The perfect storm. Which, in my opinion, just shows how special we really are as a race of beings.

I wish there was something I could do -- like maybe I can twinkle the whole nation over and invite them to sleep at my house? 'Cause I'd do it, man. I wish I could.

Maybe it's good I don't have CNN -- I'd never change the channel, and then I would feel horrible all day long, and I wouldn't have been spending hours and hours in the beautiful sunshine with my wonderful children enjoying the miracle of spring break.

Makes you want to hug everyone a little tighter, I guess. 'Cause you never know when it's going to be you.

Let's completely and utterly change the subject. On a happy note, I get to have a garden this year! The Double B and I were trying to figure it out, and then we had a dear friend offer us their large, fertile garden space, since they won't be using it this year! A small but delightful miracle. T-Bomb and I were plotting (haha) all the wonderful things we will plant and harvest (with a little luck). Our goal is to be so aggressive with our planting that we literally hate ourselves by August. Wouldn't that be awesome?!? If we are successful, you may all come to my house and eat tomatoes and spinach and other good things with us. That makes me happy. Do any of you find you have a greater desire to create things the older you get? That's certainly the case with me. Plus, I want to experience first hand the law of the harvest. I knew that it was a spiritual, emotional, service-filled law, but I didn't know it was still like -- a physical law -- until this month. I would like to thank the Ensign for teaching me that. They make the best bathroom reading in the whole world (and I mean that with great love and admiration).

Let's report on Project Old Testament: I have conquered the books of the laws and am firmly back on Old Testament solid ground with Deuteronomy! It's been a real act of will and sheer grit to get through those Mosaic laws and back to here, but it's getting enjoyable again. And not even disturbing in the part I'm in, so -- go Old Testament, go! I would like to thank my cousin Tina for being my Old Testament inspiration. She read it awhile ago and it lit a fire under my hind quarters. I know you are all as relieved as I am to be where we're at. Plus, did you know the Lord fed the children of Israel bread for forty years in the wilderness so that they would learn that He was the bread of life? I didn't. But now I do! So, see? I'm seeing some real growth here! You wouldn't know it, maybe, but it's still true.

Goodnight and Good luck!

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Elise said...

Gardening AND the Old Testament? I want/need to be more like you. That's why I read your blog. That, and you're funny. And you're like a Hurricane (right?) version of myself. Like, you're parallel universe Elise. In the universe where I'm a much better person.

Don't you wish you could do something about Japan? It's one of those things that fills me with worry that I can do NOTHING to help. RRrrr....