Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cha Cha Cha!

Hello, Happy Girl!
Mommy took the first picture, but Livi took the second one:
And honestly, I think it's the picture de jour. I love it. My children are obviously A) extremely adorable; and B) extremely talented. What other conclusion can I make, I ask you?

Here is a riddle:
Q) When is it so very, very convenient to have an oldest child who loves mornings?
A) When your 9-month-old wakes up furiously at 6:45 and thinks it is time for the day!
Everyone named Marie knows that 6:45 is entirely too early to start life, and K.J. was more then thrilled to have a playmate and someone to take care of since he was up anyway. WinWin!
Let's just not tell the Double B about this. I mean, he knows it. He definitely, definitely knows it. But I just don't think we should rub it in his face.

Yesterday was the most glorious of all days. We sat outside all. day. long. The sky was crystal clear and blueblueblue, the sun was deliciously warm, and a lovely cool breeze would come and tingle our skin. The conversation was delightful. Perfection.
The kids were all set, but the Mothers -- in a wild act of idiocy -- decided they did not need sunscreen for themselves.
I liken it to Hansel and Gretel, when the evil witch fattens the children up to cook them in the stove. Yesterday, it was the intoxicating sun, lulling us into a false sense of security so that it could bake us.
Last night I came in and the Double B said "Well, hello, Lobster!" And he meant it.
My sister Trina is actually now sort of maroon.
And Teacher couldn't even get out of bed. So ... you know.
We're the Idiots Club. It's very exclusive. I know you want to join, but really, you're going to have to send proof of eligibility.

Last night there was a Relief Society Mommy/Daughter Zumba class. It was really fun to take Olivia there. At first she was really nervous, but then we just did our own thing -- the chachacha dance and the spin in/spin out dance, and she loved it. Especially because she'd worn her very favorite shirt: the front says "I believe in fairies" and the back has a small set of purple wings on it. She wears it to all special events. And oh boy, did she get compliments! All in all, a perfect night. Afterwards I had some "important business to attend to," so I dropped her off with K.J. and her Daddy, and the report is she spent the next half hour demonstrating all of her moves. The Double B said it was so cute. She's such a funny kid. Very unique. She cracks me and her Dad up all the time.

My friend Derek got released from being Young Men's President on Sunday. I have conveniently located a picture of him and his beautiful, wonderful, charming, amazing wife Melissa below:
That's them. It really is.
It actually made me cry on Sunday, even though I'm pretty sure to him it's just a big relief. I so much appreciate the awesome people these two are and the blessings that have been brought into my life by knowing them and developing a friendship with them. Derek did an amazing job at his calling and made my life about fifty million times easier whenever there was a combined anything, always willing to go the extra mile or ten. He's been an awesome example to me of doing everything in your power to lift the burdens of others. Also, putting up with the young men. And loving them besides. Radical. And as we know around these parts, a calling like this is actually a calling for the whole family. So Melissa might just be really relieved, too. I think they are amazing people.

And guess who the Lord decided to replace him with?
This Yay-hoo.
Yep. My big brother Jon. He's the new Young Men's President. And I'm so happy for him and so excited to work with him as long as the Lord will let me! He'll do a great job, of this I have absolutely no doubt.

So that's my life today. How's yours?


Elise said...

I know your friend Melissa from somewhere, and I can't put my finger on it. Maybe from that one glorious summer that I lived in Hurricane? Gah! This is going to drive me NUTS.

(And isn't all of this sunniness wonderful?)

Ducksoup said...

please send me some sun. i am moving in with you. please see if the double b would mind? i am done, done, done with cold. ryan can just come visit us on weekends.

awesome news about jon! wow - - how cool is that!

zumba sounds awesome. i bet olivia was adorable. she is so cute - - and so princessy (just needed to make up that word).

love yah rie. you are the coolest.

Jen said...

You and Jon are going to have SO MUCH FUN! I wish I were a young-(er) woman in your ward.

I want to join your neighborhood club. I have friend envy of you gals.

Paulette said...

Yes, Jon will do a wonderful job! Who knew that one day you'd be heading the youth together?:) They are lucky to have both of you. Oh, when I said "take care of Olivia for me." I meant the YW moving into your ward.:) You can take care of your daughter too, but I had no doubt that you do a terrific job at that.:) I just wanted to clarify.:)

Thank you, thank you for taking me out to talk to me! You have no idea how much you have been a strength to me. You will always hold a special place in my heart!