Tuesday, May 17, 2011

10 Day Interim

This is how I know I wasn't allowed to blog last week:
1) It was the "Surprise! Busiest Week Ever!" week.
2) I tried to blog on Tuesday but couldn't. I don't remember why. I think I just plum ran out of time.
3) I tried to blog on Thursday but the car wouldn't start.
4) I tried to blog on Friday but Blogger was down.
And that's when I knew.
It was not my destiny.
And as Frodo Baggins knows, you just can't fight your path. Even if you don't want to go to Mordor and destroy the ring.
But don't worry. I didn't have to destroy a ring.
I just had to get through my week.
We grew a tomato! The most beautiful, luscious tomato in the whole world. I love you, tomato. You brought me both peace and joy, as well as a little color to my dinner table.
This is K.J. after Father's and Son's. It's hard to make out here, but his hair is standing up on his head and every single inch of his body is covered in dirt. He had a good time.
Which means that we had a girl's night out. It was great fun, Liv got the Belle nightgown she has been coveting for quite some time and has worn it every available second since. It is in the washer right now, since she is at preschool and has no more say in the matter. Katelyn got to touch every rack of clothes she went by, so she was super happy! She just knew we were doing something cool is what I think it comes down to.
Liv wanted to go to "somewhere fancy" for dinner, so we decided to go to Red Lobster. We made it through the door and she saw a wooden fish on the wall, and that is as far as we got before she completely lost it. She didn't even see the lobster! It was just too scary for her. So she decided that Chinese food can be fancy, too, so we went to Panda Express.
Which makes me laugh even to this moment, incidentally.
Here's Katee having a little snacky-snack. You may notice she stuck her binky in the bottom of her bottle to hold it until the appropriate moment.
She is a very clever little ten-month-old, what can I say. And so squishy, which I love. With hair that stands straight up on her head and leaves no indications that it will ever flop over. Sweet!
Last week I ran out of gas for the first time ever. The youth went to do Baptisms at the temple, and I just knew I could make it there and home. Plus, the next day was payday and sometimes we all know how that is. And I did almost make it there and home! I got stopped at my last stoplight after I'd dropped everybody off. Thankfully, it was not on the main thoroughfare, which would have been absolutely the most disastrous thing ever. Which shows the Lord has mercy, even when Marie is MaRetard. I just gave the good ol' Dad a call (as the Double B was at his softball game) and he came to save the day. Like always. So thank you, Dad. Once again.
My parents are very handy, I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned that to you.
Two people pulled over to see if they could help out. And they were both big, bulky, tattooed and pierced men, which makes me think: I need to form a club of awesome people and make one of them my spokesman.
Liv had to have some serious dental work done this week and so they put her under sedation so that she wouldn't be scarred for life. The dentist was so good to her, but we had her in the waiting room while the first dose took affect. Our instruction was "Don't let her walk around, she'll run into a wall." And it was one of the funniest half hours of my life. Now I know that my daughter is the happiest drunk around. And I told her under no uncertain terms "This is the first and last time I want to see you inebriated, little lady!" She was absolutely precious, eyes glazed and the goofiest little smile plastered on her face. She kept trying to put her finger in my mouth and it would just float there, occasionally making it to my chin, but never quite making it to my mouth. Then she'd flop herself up, but she had no power to hold herself there, so she'd flop forward, head and arms loose and say "This is fuuuuunnnnn!" I did laugh. A lot. Which ... is that appropriate? I think it is okay. Laugh or cry, sometimes you've gotta choose. She was absolutely charming, though.
Which made me think of my surgery. I was so worried when they gave me the "don't care" medicine that I wouldn't be nice, because they told me (jokingly?) that is when they see who you really are. But though I don't remember a whole lot, I do know I was an absolute delight. I do remember going through the doors and saying I needed some of this stuff the next time I went to Disneyland. And then the nurse said "Marie, could you lean up so we can untie your robe and get you situated on the table?" And I was like "Oh, sure! Absolutely. And look, there's Dr. Lunt! Hi, Dr. Lunt." And then, since Dr. Lunt was there and apparently I felt cool as a cucumber, I decided to just fall asleep right then and there. I didn't even have to count.
Which apparently makes me a very friendly drunk, as well.
Good to know.
This is Olivia's last week of school. This morning she informed me she was going to first grade next year. Imagine her disappointment when I told her she has another year of preschool, then kindergarten, then first grade. Actually, she pretty much started to sob, because Leighna (her BFF and cousin) is going to kindergarten and "I'll never get to see her anymore!" Somehow the fact that we live across the street wasn't a comfort. It's all or nothing with that girl.
Before she left this morning, though, she did fix our blocks that had been knocked over.
And I think she did a pretty good job of it, too:
Last but not least, it's been a very funny week at our house. My children have been cracking me up.
Here's just a few of the things we enjoyed:
While having a "Nintendo Date," (K.J.'s own invention, it's where he plays a world, then I play a world, then he plays a world, and so on) I kept dying when it was my turn. So I'd say "sorry." The first time he said "Oh, don't worry. This is your saved game, so it's fine." Okay, good. But I just kept plunging down holes and stuff. So as I got up to talk to the Double B I said "I'm sorry, K.J. I'm not so good at this!" And he said "Oh, don't say sorry to me. You should just say 'Sorry, Self'!"
Then the other night as I was putting them in bed I was making up additional versus to 'Book of Mormon Stories' as I brushed their teeth, because that is just what we do to entertain ourselves around these parts. After they were in bed and I headed down the hall to finish loading the dishwasher I sang a verse about Katelyn. Suddenly Olivia ran back in to inform me "Mom, you should have said 'She likes to pee and cry'!"
Later that night she snuck back in to let me know "When I grow up, I want to be exactly like K.J. -- a Lin's worker!"
Good to know my children have far reaching ambitions in this life.

I'll go now, but not before I tell you that I made a few notes last week to help me remember what I wanted to blog should the opportunity ever present itself again. One of the things I wrote was "can't read naked."
And I have no idea what that means.
The End.


Tink said...

That tomatoe is beautiful! Amazing!

Deepfryer said...

riesehead...i love you. such a cool post. your children are darling. is there room for us to move in. braden never gets made up versus of songs, he is missing out. he needs your entertainment in his life.

glad your papa came to your rescue. he certainly is a good egg.

tomatoes already? wow, we just planted our garden last week. we have months to wait. that is awesome for you.