Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dreams of Summer

Last day of preschool!
It's been a great year for Miss Olivia!! I'm glad we put her in school this year, even though we never had really intended to put her in for two years of preschool. I think it honestly helped her make the transition into big sister easier for her, because she had something exciting that was all her own thing. Plus, Miss Shawna is quite amazing. If you're in the area and looking for a great preschool, I would totally recommend her! It's been so much fun to watch Liv grow and learn. She's a smarty, I'm amazed at the letters and numbers she recognizes. She even knows some sight words, which, being the mother and all, I think is pretty amazing. I love this crazy kid, she makes me laugh every single day.

Plus, she kind of makes my heart just melt.

She plays her parents like a violin!

Guess what. I know what "can't read naked" means ... but you don't, unless you read my last post. Just go ahead and skim to the end, it's in the last paragraph if you need to review. Anyhow, I was reminded that this particular event happened last week as K.J. was reading family scriptures. We'd just been introduced to Captain Moroni (can I get a woot woot!) and Mormon is describing to us how the Lamanites dressed for war -- they had cloth covering that which is essential, but their chests were bare, or to use his word, naked. K.J. got to verse 20 and just couldn't do it. He was reading along and got to the word "naked," and immediately put his finger over the word and said "I can't say that!" So I said "okay," and I read that sentence for him. At the end of the verse it is said again, and he paused -- so I read the sentence, and he giggled in misery when I said naked. I thought it was so unique. And I also thought, "Thank you, elementary school, for creating weirdness in the world." After that he was just plain old done with reading for the night. The Double B had been out of the room for this verse, and when I told him about it -- very amused -- he asked "Well, did you explain to him that they were partially covered, it was just their chests that were bare?" And I said "No." The thought didn't even occur to me, I was just enjoying the moment. So I'm pretty sure K.J. now thinks the Lamanites were streakers. I'll leave that misconception for my darling husband to clear up. I think that will be better for everyone.

Busy weekend coming straight up! Have a good one!

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