Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How To Fit In Both Michael And Brigham

Who's Bad?
The other day we put some new CD's in the family vehicle. It was just time to shake things up, you know how that goes. One of our selections (clarification: everyone but the Double B's) was Michael Jackson and 'Bad' starts playing. I've always enjoyed that song, like somehow I myself am "bad" while singing it. I basically am a white girl who thinks she is black ... my inner soul comes out (At least, this is how I am feeling while bustin' a move behind the wheel. I have no desire to see myself and find out just how soul-short I am, though, let's clear that up right now). Imagine my delight when I hear a huge gasp of delight from the back seat from Olivia. "This is Megamind's song, Mom! We have his song! Turn it up!!!" She didn't know any of the words except, of course, 'bad.' So this is what I heard for the rest of the duration:
"Hhmmm... BAD!!!!.... BAD!!!!.... Hmmm... Hm... BAD! BAD!!! COME ON!!!"
It was so awesome.
So now it is a dispute every time we're riding between Olivia's favorite and K.J.'s favorite, which is 'Man in the Mirror.' What can I say, I have a socially conscious child.
Liv is slowly learning more words to the song. Now it is definitely "I'm BAD! I'm BAD!!!" And while heading out of the car today I heard her murmuring "You know... you know... I'm BAD!"
I don't know if this should be as hilarious as it is to me, but... it is. It's just that hilarious.

Today while reading more on Brother Brigham I came across what I shall call the most amazing quote of the week. I shall share it with you, because I find it always applicable in my own life. Here it is... brace yourselves:
"Let all Latter-Day Saints learn that the weaknesses of their brethren are not sins. When men or women undesignedly commit a wrong, do not attribute that to them as a sin. Let us learn to be compassionate one with another."
He also counseled:
"To understand men and women as they are, and not understand them as you are."
Man. Man oh man. Good point, excellent point, well said, I will apply!
That's how I feel about that.
I always feel like I develop a relationship with any person I am reading a biography or autobiography on. Funny, maybe, but still true. Brigham Young and I are becoming close and personal friends. Just thought you should know.

Earlier today I was thinking about the many good friends in my life, and the friends that I wish were actually blood siblings so that they could still be a part of my life. Just in case you were wondering what I was thinking earlier today.

Katelyn is now a very accomplished roller. A roller of epic proportions. In the last two days she has learned rolling is not confined to the room you are in, so she has rolled down the hall to her siblings room and yesterday into the kitchen. She gets so darn proud of herself, it is hilarious. None of my children have been conventional movers. K.J. did crawl, but not 'till later. Olivia scooted like a speed-demon octopus. And now Katelyn is finding her own way, I guess. I will admit, I would like her to crawl someday. It doesn't have to be today, just someday. I just don't know how effective it would be to roll for the rest of her life.

Girls Camp approaches. Amen.


Elise said...

I have a difficult time nailing down my *favorite* Michael Jackson son. Maybe" Smooth Criminal"? Such a tough call...

Brigham Young, huh? You inspire me to read something other than ridiculously cheesy LDS love stories. I'm in a major reading rut.

I love me a round, rolling baby. So, so cute.

Paulette said...

I love that insight from the ever wise Brigham Young!! Very good point!