Thursday, October 6, 2011


I have been saving these pictures for just the right time... I didn't want to reveal their awesomeness too soon. Somehow -- instinctively, if you will -- I knew that they had to be saved for something important. Something telling. I share them with you now, for your enjoyment and understanding:
This is the Double B's birthday. He is eating his Reese's Blizzard cake from Dairy Queen (I'm just awesome like that), and I am obviously in some kind of contortion. Why, you may ask? I'm just looking at pictures of my new niece Bella is all. She is really that cute.

Look! The Double B scratches his face or hair when he thinks something is interesting or exciting! Remember, people: Knowledge is Power.

And I guess the story about this one is that I just really get into stories, or something. I had no idea my face did this when expressing myself. But my sis-in-law T-Bomb took about a million of these beautiful candids, and let me tell you something: my face does that. All. The. Time.

It's pretty much awesome.

You should know this, because I think it's so romantic. The Double B had to tell someone important what my defining characteristics are yesterday. He said: "She is very kind. She likes to have fun, and she is funny."

It's funny (yes, it really is) for me to say that here on my blog. I assure you, it's not to toot my own horn. It's to say how awesome the Double B is. We've been together now for forty years, and he still likes me.


Moving on.

I just want to tell you all our big news: I'm not pregnant! Yay! But we're adding to our household: The Double B and I are becoming foster parents to one of my girls. She is 17 and a senior, and resilient and good, and we're happy to have this opportunity.

She's been the foster child of some very dear friends of ours. They have worked miracles in her life, and not only are they very important and cherished friends to us, but we admire and honor and appreciate the amazing work they have done with her and for her. They really are hero's in this Child of God's life. Happily for them (and sad for me, because I love them), they have the opportunity to move for a great job. So -- my young friend needed a home -- and that is where we come in. She is nervous (her foster family has been very good to her) and we are nervous (we've never raised a teenager before!) but we know through lots and lots of prayer and pondering that this is the RIGHT thing to do. The State has been rushing (and I do mean rushing) to get things worked out for her to come, and there are still kinks to be worked through, but hopefully by this time next week, I will have that third daughter and fourth child I have so hoped for. And heck, just for trivialities sake, her name is even one I would have used on one of my biological children! So -- obviously destiny. The name says it all.

Really, though, and from my heart... I have received many confirmations, and so has her new foster Dad, that she is supposed to come to our home. We love her and want her to succeed and have a happy, normal life, and we think that just like our friends -- we can help with that. Our biological children are very excited -- they can't wait! They love her very much already. And although I know there will be challenges -- aren't there in every family, with each member -- that doesn't scare me. There is a reason we can't see the end from the beginning, but furthermore -- with lots of love and faith and hope and work and support from people that love her -- I know she will be alright. I have felt that instinct that only comes with Motherhood.

So we know our job, she knows her job, K.J., Liv, and Kate know their job, so here is your job: Just be there to support and encourage. That's it!

Be optimistic and build our faith. That would help, too!

Trust that we've thought this through and don't worry about the rest.

We're so excited.

I can't wait for all the good times! There is so much room in my heart for her.

So that's it! Big news, right?

If you feel any doubts, just look at the pictures at the top and feel very reassured. See? I was saving them for just the right time!


Elise said...

Marie, I think you and I have been friends since long before this mortal life. I, too, am a face puller. Maybe I will prove it on my blog. Somehow you manage to be cute when you pull faces. I look gassy. Or something.

And, my friend, you are living EVERY YOUNG MOTHER'S DREAM. Three words: built in babysitter. (Seriously, though...good for you. You are going to be an awesome mom-of-a-teenager.)

Unknown said...

Well said.
-Sista Richins

katie said...

That is so exciting! You guys will do great! The pictures are awesome :)

Ducksoup said...

wow, wow, wow! you are amazing. seriously rie, i so look up to you in about 8 trillion ways (and ben). i can't believe you are going to be a foster parent. awesome. you are going to be so great. can't wait to meet her (or maybe i did at my house already?). love your great example. want to be just like you when i grow up.

Ducksoup said...

awesome pics by the way. love 'em

Tamari said...

Those pictures are priceless! LOVE love LOVE!!

Congrats on being a foster parent! I know if it is what the Lord wants you to do than it will be wonderful. The blessings and miracles that you will see in your life will be tangible. Love you!!!

Paulette said...

First thing.....those pictures are flippin' awesome! It makes me miss you that much more! And congrats on becoming foster are such an amazing lady! She is so lucky to be a part of your family! Wahoo!