Monday, November 28, 2011


The awesomest thing happened:


It was so cool. It was an event I've looked forward to with some trepidation, because the very idea that this child that is flesh of my flesh is actually old enough to be baptized is too weird and awful and wonderful.
But when the moment came, it was so awesome.
The Spirit touched my heart and I felt so much joy that he is able to have this opportunity and wants to have it. My heart swelled up with love and pride. We told K.J. in his baptism card that he is our "pride and joy," and that is not an exaggeration. He is absolutely a bright shining of sunshine in our lives.
It was so cute to see him and his Dad practicing in the living room that afternoon as I worked in the kitchen. It did my little Mother heart good. Olivia sat on the couch and took it all in, studying for her own future use. K.J. was so excited, and listened so carefully. His Dad gave him the same instructions and counsel about keeping toes down and plugging your nose and "it'll only be about three seconds, and I've got a hold of you the whole time" that my Dad gave to me. Apparently that is timeless baptism advice.
We were able to do it Thanksgiving weekend because both of our families were down, so it was so nice to have so many Aunts, Uncles, and cousins down to share this experience with us. K.J. asked Grandma A and Aunt Sabrina to give the talks and they both did marvelously. The Spirit was so sweet, and it was SO AWESOME to see him folding his arms in the chair as so many men who love him were able to participate in the blessing as he was given the gift of the Holy Ghost. The Double B performed both ordinances, and gave K.J. such a beautiful blessing.
I just felt so blessed and happy.
Afterwards we had a little dinner with everyone there of different soups, rolls, vegetables, and cookies, and really -- it was just a swinging good time.
A happy day. A very happy day.

All in all, a great and momentous event in the Family B. I felt so happy to have reached this milestone with my tiny baby boy and so proud and relieved at the great young man he is. He has great things in his future. I think he will become a wonderful man. But then, I've always thought that. And so far, he has proved my Mother's Intuition right.
I feel blessed to be able to offer him this life-changing gospel and so glad to be his Mom.
I love being a Mom. I really do. Sometimes it is very challenging, but always incredibly rewarding and worth every second of sweat and toil. Also, let's not forget the blood and tears, because there is certainly that, too. But so many wonderful times. So many special moments. And this was certainly special. I will always cherish this memory as one of the happiest moments in my life, when I got so share something so special and important to me with my son.

It has been an interesting time in my life, to be sure. Today as I was vacuuming, I found myself thinking about how over the last little while, I really think I've earned thirty. Granted, it's more then a year away, but still. This has been a great decade, these twenties, a time of serious and exponential growth and lots of challenging times and lots of happiness, but over the last few months -- I've earned thirty. I have. I award myself the Thirty Award. Being a Mom to a teenager is just not easy (I know, all you parents to teenagers or parents who have survived teenagers are either laughing hysterically at my pain or else saying 'Well, duh, sweetie-pie-Dumbo-pants! Bless your pea-pickin' heart!'). It's been a challenge. It's been taxing. It's been everything I logically knew it would be when the Spirit said "go and do" and yet had no way to brace myself for. I think it's like Splash Mountain at Disneyland. I am afraid of Splash Mountain. I cry in the line, I get on the ride, I feel angst and terror, I clench every muscle in my body to the point of pain, my feet try to crawl out of the ride, I pray out loud like a real life psychopath as we lift up the hill "Please Lord, don't let me die, Please Lord, don't let me die, Please Lord, don't let me die" like somehow I'll be the only person to ever spontaneously die on Splash Mountain, and then my spirit leaves my body as we go over the plunge, only to return in the splash at the bottom. I leave the ride soaked but singing 'Zipitty-Doo-Dah' with all the singing animals at the top of my lungs. I have decided this can be likened to my intense, abbreviated edition of parenting my newborn seventeen year old. When we get her off into adulthood and hopefully see her making good, healthy choices for a life that has such great potential to be good and happy, we will be dripping wet, our muscles will be sore from all the clenching, the prayer hot-line will be burning hot from over-usage, but we'll be happy and singing 'Zipitty-Doo-Dah' at the top of our lungs.
This is how I know all will be well:
I have survived Splash Mountain AT LEAST ten times.
I share this not to ... over share, but just to say "This is Marie right now, everybody. You've spent some time with her now, and she is very very very special. Please keep that in mind and keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle."
And (I feel like such a rebel when I start a sentence with 'and') I love this girl and appreciate her great goodness, kindness, and ability in the face of great adversity. She is a great example in that way, and brings so much to our household. The three younger kids absolutely adore her and she is so great with them. I love her.
But teenagers are special.
I don't think it's wrong to say that.

So we had a great Thanksgiving. Thursday with my family, Friday with the Double B's family, Saturday with everyone and one of the HAPPIEST things ever(!), and Sunday crashing back into regular existence.
And the sun is shining. And it is a great day.
Hugs not Drugs,


Tamari said...

LOVED this post!! Thank you so much for sharing your feelings as a mother. AND (hehe) KJ is the bomb! I am so proud if him and his decision to be baptized. He is one special boy and I know he will do great things in his life time, no doubt about it!!!

Elise said...

What a neat experience with your son. Time passes too quickly, that's for sure.

Please write down any bits of wisdom you gain from your parenting of a teenager...I'll need it in about 5 1/2 years. Ugh....