Wednesday, February 29, 2012

An Accounting of Leaps

Congratulations, we've all made it to another leap day! It is Katelyn's first. K.J.'s third and Olivia's second. Mariah's fifth leap day, my eighth, and the Double B's ... strangely, the Double B's eighth leap year as well. I don't really know what that means. Let it be known that the Double B is the older person here. He comes at the beginning of a leap cycle, and I come at the end. I guess.
Math is hard.
This morning my pal B and I were laying there listening to our children in the next room. That is when we got to hear Olivia exclaim at the top of her lungs, "ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR TWO!!!"
It was a happy moment.
What a kid.
It is this said Olivia that took Mommy's guarantee that we would play leap frog today in the name of leap day to heart. It has consumed her every thought since. We have already played once this morning, even though Brother wanted us to wait to start until he got home. I guess we could just not tell him, but that won't work. Olivia could never keep something so momentous from her BFF.
Playing leap frog with someone not even a fourth your size is kind of fun. It's also kind of violent. But it does make you laugh, curled up and being jumped on and kneed in the back. Yay for leap days everywhere!
Life is good, we can say that with confidence today.
Yesterday was parent teacher conference over the boy-wonder, K.J.
I like K.J. a lot, let it be known.
I just think he is a special person, and in a California dream boat of awesomeness, his teacher thinks he's neat-o, too.
He's doing really well. Except now that he is a reader, he spends his time reading at his desk when he should be... a foreign concept here... listening. I blame this trait in myself for the whole reason I can't divide today. He spends a lot of time day-dreaming, which is very K.J., and which I completely understand. My friend Mandie, when told about how difficult it is for him to stay focused on running around the track said "Of course it is! He's probably noticing the flowers or how blue the sky is. He's just caught up in other things." I thought that was an apt description of Mr. Kindness himself.
One thing that I thought was hilarious was hearing about what he and his best school friend Madison have been doing at recess lately -- they have been putting on dog shows. Every time they go out it just picks back up where they left off. They are both very imaginative and peaceful children, so they have a great time together. Madison even has little huskies that fit in the palms of their hands, and they have tied string around them for "leashes," and they walk them.
That just makes me feel cheerful.
I was also showed a poem he wrote -- that starts with prompts. It's a poem about him.
It said his name and age.
That he wants to be a Gondorian warrior (see Lord of the Rings).
That he loves his family.
That his friends make him laugh.
That he cries when he thinks of his granny.
That he loves Lord of the Rings,
and that he wishes magic were real.

Honestly, it made me tear up.
I told his teacher that we just got to see a little piece of his soul.

My children are wonderful. They are also growing up in a Nerd Factory.
The Double B is off today (hoorah!) and in the name of leap day, we're going on a little adventure.
Happy, happy Leap Day!

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Ducksoup said...

so cute...he cries when he thinks of his granny. his recesses sound awesome. i would love to be there for their show.

happy leap day. and great job on your mouth. that sounds way too complicated to figure out. you are amazing like that!