Thursday, April 26, 2012

While Daddy Plays A Softball Game

While en route to retrieve his toothbrush from Mom and Dad's bathroom, K.J. had his arm wrapped firmly around Olivia's neck and by sheer force of being nearly twice her size, was compelling her to go along with him. She was stumbling along, happy to be with her hero/big brother, but also more then willing to walk by her own force.

Olivia - Why are you pulling me like this?!

K.J. - So you'll walk to the bathroom with me.

Olivia - Oh.

And... scene.
The back bathroom holds as much horror as it ever has.
Good to know.

While eating dinner, this same dynamic duo were sharing nutritious (and delicious) chicken nuggets (side note: I'd like to nominate myself for Mother of the Year), and K.J. was trying to convince Livi to dip hers in ranch.
This was bold of him, because Olivia is -- you already know, but I love nothing like repeating myself -- Miss Picky Eater 2009, 2010, 2011. She is a class unto herself. And yes, we are very very proud. She didn't appreciate his efforts, and finally responded testily, "K.J., you know I'm not a ranch girl!"

Olivia is testing out her sassy voice... it's a new development.
I will freely say that sass is not my best friend, but I do love fire.
Let us say, I love fire and kindness.

K.J. just read what I had written and snickered... he loves being a star, but who doesn't? He put his hand up to his mouth and snorted out "That's funny, Mom!"
I think this is Mr. Bob's first time really reading and following something I wrote. And he liked it.

I was teaching little actors tonight.
I think I have the most interesting job.
Really, for one afternoon a week, it's like being paid to do a hobby.
I really, truly enjoyed being an actor.
I would like to have that opportunity again someday, stretch out those muscles that are kinked and dusty from being put behind more important things. That day might come again -- sooner rather then later, I think. I have a few more hours then I have for the last little while.
I love that part of me that is an actor.
But I love that part of me that is Mother, that gets to be Mother, even more.
And the best part of it is, when I was filled with ambition for myself and dreams of what I could be, this just seemed like not the most exciting job in the world.
And it is the coolest job ever!!!
So I'm just so pleasantly surprised.
It's like the most marvelous surprise birthday party ever.
And now it's about what I am becoming... a different kind of ambition. And I think that's a pretty exciting feeling, personally.
I tell my children often, but it is true: they are brighter then any Broadway light could ever be.
Thank heavens.

I'd hate to miss out on Olivia's debate on whether she'll really sleep in the bathtub tonight -- she's been wanting to try it for awhile now. Or miss our itemized list of what we'll be doing tomorrow -- her new grand passion.
I'd hate to miss out on K.J. singing happily "I hope they call me on a mission" from his bed -- especially now that he has decided to let go of his fancy frog voice. He really did think that added a special flair. And I'm glad he's letting go of that, because it's so pleasant to hear his real voice again. The frog thing was a pretty long phase.
I'd hate to miss out on Katelyn's toothy smile when I got home tonight or miss hearing her vocalize her life every minute of the day and her talking to her self "dada -- uhuhuh -- NO! -- night night -- mamaMA!" from the crib. I'm happy not to miss that special smelly kid thing she has going on tonight that will have to wait to be eradicated until the morning bath. We don't have the courage to face it just yet. It really is a funny smell, too.... It could be because she rubs everything she gets on her hands into her hair.
I can't explain why she does that.
I'm glad to be one of the Mother figure's in Mariah's life, too. She's getting ready to graduate and we've had many adventures together. Talk about being some one's guinea pig. But she has lived to tell the tale.
And that is a good thing.

Dear 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18 year old Marie,
You're going to do just fine.
And you're going to love it.

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Ducksoup said...

miss olivia is so funny. what an awesome post! you have such a great outlook on the joys of motherhood. you should talk in general conference next october. i could really see you doing that someday.