Thursday, June 7, 2012

June In Fast-Forward

In one week, I will be high on a mountain top at Girls Camp. I was asked and get to serve as a stake girls camp assistant this year, and I'm pretty darn excited. I know it was a tender mercy of the Lord that I get to serve this way -- I love the Young Women organization and have enjoyed preparing the last couple of months, and getting to know the 35 or so Youth Camp Leaders I get to be in charge of. It has helped me in what has been a challenging time for me. But mostly, I'm excited to just get the show on the road and have some fun, good feelings, and feel the Spirit. I love Girls Camp. Which I know makes my Mother sort of cringe (and probably feel some hysterical crazy-person laughter somewhere deep inside) after dragging me up the mountain all those years. Somehow I missed the point when I was a girl. I'm glad Father in Heaven knows it's never too late to learn the point.
Or where would I be? Let's face it.

In two weeks, I will be in Disneyland with the love of my life, celebrating ten years of awesome married life. I. Can't. Wait. At this moment in two weeks, we might be riding Big Thunder. We might be eating a caramel cashew. We might be meeting Mickey Mouse. We might be making out somewhere in a corner. Who can say? Either way, I truly could not be more blissed out at the prospect of spending some quality time -- our first major outing in ten years, kid free no less -- with my honey. I just really like that kid. We've worked so hard for this partnership, and that is worth celebrating! (With Mickey. And if a kiss or two is involved, so be it.)

In three weeks, we will be on another mountain, this time with the Double B's family, reunion-ing it up. The kids are so excited to spend so much unadulterated cousin time. We don't get to be together all that often, really, so it should be a rockin' good time. I'm excited. I will be chasing Katelyn all over that mountain, so that might not be so exciting, but still. Maybe we could put up a electric fence or something. Let's not limit ourselves.

In four weeks, Mariah will be moving out on her own. Our little family will shrink back around us and K.J. will get his own room... hopefully allowing Olivia to not be so crowded and Katelyn a little more beauty sleep. Three children in one room has never been conducive to her and her sleep-cheerfulness requirements, but what can you do -- we have a small house. (We love you, small house. You are great the way you are. Never change.) It's been an incredible challenge, this last eight months as Mariah's foster parents -- saying anything less would be a lie. It has had some great moments, some happy moments, some funny moments. But it is to this day an incredible challenge. We love her, and want her to have a happy life.

June in a nutshell. Ready, Set... Go!!!

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Elise said...

Disneyland?! You are lucky. Have a mint julep and a churro and think of me. Because I don't ride rides, I ride concessions.

Okay, I guess I love Star Tours. Think of me on there. But not when you see Darth Vader.

Busy June for you! Does this mean we won't be hearing from you all month?! Are you too cool for us now?! You better not be, or I'll go all Darth Vader on you.