Monday, July 23, 2012

Double B and Rie.

The Double B plays a game on his little electronic toy that builds cities. He "chats" back and forth with his online friends. If you're married to a nerd, you know the drill.
I don't mind this at all, because it's him, and it doesn't usually disrupt life, and plus I've always known if I ever said anything he'd compare it to my blog (all in fun, of course). The only real complaint I have is that he keeps asking me how to spell words. The first fifty requests were okay, but now it's getting a little old. Nobody likes spelling that much.
We just had the following conversation:

BB - How do you spell _____?

Me - I'm not going to tell you. You're just like Jim (awesome 'The Office' reference on my part, by the way.) where you think you're a sports writer in Philadelphia. And I didn't know you played the guitar!!! You need real friends! I'll only spell for real friends!

BB - (laughing, then thinking he's totally a genius) Oh yeah? Well, what's the difference between me playing this game and your blog? Huh?

Me - Totally different!

BB - No it's not! So HA!!! Take that, you Doubting... how does that saying go? You Doubting Mufasa?


BB - Yeah, isn't that how the saying goes?

Me - I'm pretty sure what you're trying to say is Doubting THOMAS. Like in the BIBLE.

BB - No! Seriously! I think Doubting Mufasa is in a movie, or something!

Laughter and mocking ensue. On both sides.

That's my husband.

And... scene.

Post-script: In an effort to redeem himself, BB and I visited youtube, where he showed me that in 'Aladdin' (yes, he quotes 'Aladdin,' folks), right after the cave of wonders, the genie says "Alright, you Doubting Mustoffa." I don't know what it means. Mirriam-Webster's doesn't know what it means, either. But it is obviously middle-eastern. So I give him a point. I give myself ten points because he didn't SAY Mustoffa, he said MUFASA. Like Simba's Daddy.
And that is just funny.


Elise said...

Dude. I Googled it. I MUST GET A LIFE.

I guess Mustafa is a middle eastern-type name, and the quote is a play on the phrase "doubting Thomas."

You were BOTH right!

And I'm still a total dork.

Ducksoup said...

gonig to start saying that phrase. ryan will think i'm so smart. just need the right conversation... you guys are funny.