Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cooking With Jillian

Yesterday Olivia came home from school and we ran to Wally's World to pick up items on the grocery list. This is one of Olivia's favorite things to do -- shop. She likes to sit inside the cart and then I have to hand her the item so she can put it in. It's sort of like her very important job.Yesterday she was practically buried, but you know -- whatever it takes. Then we came home, and I spent the afternoon cooking the base of meals so they would be ready to pull out of the freezer on the day I need them. It worked like a charm. I have also learned I am in a state of rebellion right now where I will not deal with chicken unless it is frozen and I can stick it in the crock pot.
You could go ahead and say I am the laziest dinner maker ever. That would be fair. My record stands for itself. It's just by the end of the day I really hate trying to think of something to make and then making it. I don't really enjoy the kitchen. So my friend Shawna sat me down, and we came up with recipes we could prepare and freeze, or at least the dumb meat part, which always takes the longest. It's practically been a revolution at our house. My husband and children greatly appreciates it.
At this time, I would also like to give a shout-out to Pintrest, for changing my life and how I do things.

O, the topics that consume me.
And I do mean the Shakespearean 'O,' here. 'Oh' just wouldn't cut it.

I'm an idiot.

While cooking away yesterday, I had the t.v. in the living room turned towards me so I could watch Jillian kick the crap out of everybody on 'Biggest Loser' reruns on Netflix while I did my thing. I just love Jillian. I think she is so demented, and I love that about her. I think I need a little bit of that in my life. The Double B thinks Jillian is just demented and that's it. He is a Bob follower (though he only watches 'Biggest Loser' reruns because I do and sometimes episodes suck him in... let's be clear about that). Who doesn't love Bob, though? Even Bob loves Bob. 'Biggest Loser' is beneficial to me, because it inspires me (only the friendly seasons, which is why I watch the Olivia and Hannah season on repeat, basically) and it is why I have been such a good girl to walk this week, and to try to make nicer choices for myself. I love to see that we can change as human beings. I need to have that basic knowledge in my life. Side note, I am happy that Jillian is coming back! Though disturbed I have to wait until January to see it. Although, in all fairness, last season (and kind of the one before that) were pretty much epic fails where all the contestants should have just been taken to the desert and left there, so they do need to reboot. Back to the point of the story: while watching and cooking and stirring and putting away and chopping, blahblahblah, Jillian had a good talk with Hannah about taking risks in our lives. Being willing to go out on a limb and see what happens, because it might change everything for the better.
That really struck me. For the family B, we're right up against the trunk of the tree right now, trying to figure out if we build here or if we go way out on that limb and see what happens. The end of the limb is really where all the opportunity is, but we're still unsure about how far out to go.
I used to be a big risk taker and loved the thrill and always felt confidence I would end up right where I was supposed to be. But I've been comfortable -- and taking a big risk just seems -- risky; and surely things won't work out and it will all be a mistake. But really, somewhere in the back of my mind where all the insecurities and what ifs can't get me -- it seems that quite the opposite is true.
Maybe it is time to be willing to take some risks, and not let fear get in the way of moving forward.
See? Watch a little 'Biggest Loser' and you're practically De Cartes. Philosopher Marie, that is what I am going to ask to be called from now on.

And with that, I will bid you adieu. Parting is such sweet sorrow.

P.S. I really hate De Cartes. The most idiotic class I took in all the many classes I took in college: Honors Philosophy. It made both itself and me total idiots.

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