Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Family B

I could do this all day long.
Last night we went out to dinner for Family Home Evening. I have thought about it, and by doing so we have eliminated the Home. It became Family Evening -- but somehow, I think it still counts. It was fun... we haven't really gone out for awhile. The kids loved it, because we went to a place you can actually throw peanut shells ON THE FLOOR, and there were rolls that K.J. almost made himself sick on (he has the same problem as his dad this way -- if there is a delicious roll, he really doesn't know when to stop).
Liv only had to try the restroom once (trying each new restroom is a hobby of hers), and Katelyn sat next to Daddy and was a very good girl, and at one point even held her fork out to me with one macaroni and offered "Bight?" Pretty adorable. Naturally I could not refuse. I then offered her a bight of my mashed potatoes, which she happily taste tested and approved.
A good night, all in all.
As we drove home, lightning flashed across the sky in very dazzling displays. The Double B and I talked about how we felt about the changes our lives our taking. What might be good, what makes us nervous.
When we got home, the air was cool and we opened our windows. The first time since spring. And it. felt. good. That's the only thing about the desert, you have to wait a long long time to invite fresh air into your quarters once again. We thoroughly enjoyed it.
The girls fell right to sleep, but K.J. likes to read in bed. He was reading 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' again, and got to a page written in cursive that he needed a little help deciphering. He laid next to me and I read it to him. He promptly went into hysterics. I laughed, too, because the first time I read that page, I went into hysterics as well. It's where Rodrick is forced to write his apology to women, if you've read it. So, so funny. He caught his breath and asked me to read it again. He re-entered hysteria. I gave him back the book and he huffed and puffed his way to his bed. Five minutes later, he was back. He wanted to read it to ME this time. He snickered his way through it and said he COULD NOT STOP reading that page. By this time Daddy was a little over the laughing from the two yay-hoos and sent K.J. to bed to stay. It was hard to sleep, though, the rain was really distracting him.
This morning as I drove the kids to school the first thing he did is pull that page out to read to his friend Kaylie.
I am so, so happy he loves to read. It opens a whole new world. It is also the reason I can not properly divide today. I was reading under my desk the whole year that was being taught. Marie+Math=Special.
And that was our night.
The End.

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