Monday, December 17, 2012

Our Journey Via Text

As you can imagine, we had an attentive audience in my brothers and sisters on our journey to becoming Mid-Westerners. They wanted updates... lots and lots of updates. So here is our journey as sent to them through the marvels of text messaging. There were many hilarious sub-conversations, but today I have decided to keep it a little more simple with just the information that we sent. It was a joyous journey, as you can imagine. The kids were absolutely incredible for two very long days in the car. We were so blessed! So here is the story of how my parents drove my children and I across the country to our new home:

And we're off!
8:08 am., December 1

Just getting on I-70. ____, here we come!

Only 412 miles to Denver!
11:19 p.m.
      (opening another round of gifts from the life-saving Miss Shawna)

Yay, Colorado! But honestly, where is the color? That is false advertising.

Just finished lunch in Grand Junction and back on the road!

Small detour... Kate barfed, and we got to take a quick detour up a beautiful canyon next to the Colorado river! Ah... memories.

Second barf descended. We call it super barf 1012.

Deep in the Rockies. Colorado is such a cliche... beautiful mountains, quaint villages, blah blah blah...

It is 5:21 and so dark. Feels like midnight. 100 miles to Denver. Hope to go a little father, but we'll see... Love you guys.

We passed the continental divide!!! In a giant tunnel!!! It was awesome.

Colorado needs to get over itself. These mountains are getting annoying!

Mom is NO LONGER jealous of John Denver.

We are ending the night in Burlington, Colorado in about twenty minutes. In the morning we will only be about six hours from the Double B!!! The kids have been amazing and we've been blessed. Pray for us tomoroow, if you will! I may need to find you all a coat, since we'll be at the Burlington coat factory.

We're here! Nighty Night.
10:37 p.m.

Here on the surface of Mars... on our way again!
9:40 a.m.

Three and a half hours to go. Phew! Passing so many tiny farming communitites that have gigantic beautiful churches. It's awesome to see how much they love God.
12:18 p.m.

We're surrounded!

Ladies and gentlemen, we are now on central time.

Lunch break.

Just leaving Salina, Kansas. Less then three hours!

We're in Topeka, KS. Almost there!

32 miles to go.

Made it!


On Second Thought said...

Glad you made it! What a great experience!! By the way, I was at Taco Bell the other day and I got some hot sauce and you know how they have little sayings on all the packets well one of them said, "Why Say No When You Can Say Yes" thought of you guys.

Elise said...

The pictures of your kids reuniting with their dad *almost* made me cry. ALMOST. Be strong, Elise! Be strong!