Thursday, December 13, 2012

Phew! I'm back!

Hello, blog friends. Oh boy, have I missed you! It feels good to be back in conversation.
So here we are in the Midwest. It's flat here! Thankfully, the Double B did a great job finding our house (I really do love it), and we are tucked down into the bottom of a cul-de-sac with a forest area behind us... we also live in a part of the city a little bit more hilly, so you don't get that full expanse... which sort of creeps me out. The Double B thinks that is a weird reaction, but hey. I am weird. There have been very few days in my life where I have pretended I wasn't. Seeing all that flat flat land leading out to the horizon really makes me feel funny. But I'm pretty sure I'll get over that pretty fast, and one day when I'm surrounded by mountains again I'll think back fondly of my time in the impressively flat heartland. Or the "Northland," which is what our part of the city is called. When people ask where we live and we tell them, they say "Oh, the Northland," so casually in their slightly drawly voices. It's very charming. I told my brother Matt yesterday to please refer to me only as a "Northlander" from now on. It just sounds cool. I am carefully keeping track of the dialect here so I can appropriately mimic it when called upon in the future. The interesting thing is, some people have it really thick and some people hardly at all. Yesterday in the Taco Bell drive thru it was really hard not to lovingly mimic our Taco Bell expert as she said things like "pEAnk lEMonADE." My acting training just kicks me to immediately practice it, watching there mouth so I can form my own the same way. The training my mother gave me forbids me from doing so. Somehow manners always win. Shucks.
Well, obviously we have a whole heap to catch up on, but don't worry. I'll catch you up. I am really ridiculously happy to be back blogging, as I have always happily confessed it is a form of free therapy for me. So you'll be seeing plenty of me here. (Phew! Big relief for all of you, I know.)
K.J. and Olivia started school yesterday!
The admissions process here is really a wonder to behold, so it was delayed much longer then we were expecting. Their school is basically like Fort Knox. I have never seen such a safe, locked down place of learning, which is great, but really... that has it's own bag of bones which I will not bore you with. Let's just say by the time they got in my car yesterday it was 4:35. Nine in the morning to sunset is TOO LONG FOR SCHOOL. They are MY children. MINE! I will back away from my angry mother hen soap box... I will back away... trying to back away... it's really hard to back away...
K.J. the Great! He was very nervous, so it was pretty hard to leave him. He had a pretty good day, the only real trouble was the school security plan that forced him and Liv to wait in the gym for thirty five minutes after school while I was in waiting for my turn in the car outside for thirty five minutes. That really upset him, and it took most of the evening to calm down from that. His teacher is really nice, though, and it wasn't hard for him to go to school today. I think that's probably the real measure of how his day went yesterday.
Liv was so excited! It was a rocky start, though. She was so thrilled to tell me that she got a personal tour of the school from one of the principals! Apparently she got very nervous and started to cry in the morning... she wanted Mommy, and she just wanted to go home... and couldn't talk to the other kids or her teacher. So the principal came down and gave her her own personal tour and made her feel better until she could go back to class. After that, it was a great day! She was bouncing off the walls for a couple of hours afterwards. 
I think they will both be fine. I truly do hate the length of the school day, though. That will really be an adjustment for me, because I'm one of the truly lucky Mom's that loves to be around my kids. I want to be the one nurturing them, not someone else. So I'll just keep trucking until I figure it out, and when they are really and truly adjusted and doing well I think that will help. Kate and I have had a nice day together so far. We are tentatively trying out a new adventure...
OH BOY! This was the little cutie this morning. So far no accidents, but no going in the potty, either. I think she must have a VERY FULL bladder. You all know my deep loathing for potty training, but I think she is ready. We shall see how this little experiment goes. I know it's all about psychological strength. I just don't know if I have that right now! If she didn't seem SO ready, I don't think we'd try it. I will keep you updated. She does look so cute in her big girl britches. We'll see.

I am truly happy to be back with my honey. It does seem like we've been here nine million years and it hasn't even been two weeks yet, but I'm sure the time warp will work itself out. I've had mostly good days, and a few that were harder. Yesterday was the hardest by a long shot, but things are feeling better today. I even got up and made the Double B a lunch to take to work, which just about made his year. We all know keeping busy and looking beyond yourself is the answer. So I'll keep working away at it. The good news is, my ward family (church congregation) here is so amazing kind and welcoming. We've already been to two get together's and I got invited to a girls game night next week by a lady I haven't even met yet, she just called me on the phone because she'd heard I was here. I think that is amazing, and we are all seeing our prayers being answered. It's been an awesome example to me. When the time comes I get to welcome some one new, I don't think I'll just go introduce myself anymore. I think I'll invite them over for dinner that day and strike up a friendship. I know how much they'll need it!
Well, friends, prepare for many more novels in the future.
You are loved. Amen.


Elise said...

You made it! Yay!

I am envying your adventures. They sound similar to my time in Nashville. And I can say with honesty that with the exception of Minneapolis, I haven't visited a ward in the church that wasn't welcoming and friendly like that. Doesn't it make the transition easier? Love this church of ours!

The school pickup line! Eeek! You gave me deja vu. In Nashville school was from 7:15 - 2:15, but the line for pick up was a 45 minutes. I got a lot of reading done in Nashville. :) And picking up my girls was like ordering them from a drive through. I'd say their names and the drive through lady would announce their names through the intercom in that cute southern drawl: "My-see and Uhlivyuh HINES!"

Please keep blogging. I am living vicariously through you. Describe everythimg in great detail and take lots of pictures.

*rOcKiN rIcHiNs* said...

You're back! I am so glad.

I totally get the no mountain weirdness...I get so freaked because I don't know what direction I am facing if I don't have my mountains. I guess it's time to whip out the compass if you have my issue :)

After the events of today, I am kinda glad your kiddos are in a semi-maximum security facility... sad.

Miss ya friend. Truly.

Ducksoup said...

boy have i missed you. thank goodness you have the internet. glad your kids did okay in school and that cute little miss katee looks so cute in that pic. we bought some panties at costco on thursday and maci loves wearing them. we just wear them now and again when we are going to be home. so happy potty training to you. love you rie! you are missed. i am glad to know you love your home though and that you are getting all settled. so awesome!