Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Status Updates

Status: Hmm... Homesick. Kinda rough this week. Learned that time stops when you obsess over trying not to be homesick or giving in and being homesick.

Status: Sissy-Poo-Nanny. For your reference, this marvelous phrase used to describe being a sissy was brought into my life by this awesome girl at  BYU named Jenn my first semester there. I had awesome roommates, and hers were not as awesome. Therefore; she hung out with us all the time. Lucky! She was hilarious! And also from New Hampshire. It was from her I learned New Hampshire and Massachusetts have a feud. I would have never known that if not for Jenn. And also, I learned the phrase Sissy-Poo-Nanny. Which is what I am this week... and maybe always? Could be. Coooould be.

Status: I'm not sure, but I think I could be the victim of hormones. I am hoping this is the case and I am a more all around groovy person then I am under the impression that I am right now. (See Status A and Status B).

Double B Status: Incredibly stressed at work. Hard, hard, hard times at Ridgemont High (or Costco. Whatev.). Not enough hours in the pay roll, not enough working equipment, not enough cooperation, not enough support, not enough Double B to go around. Poor Double B. Yesterday he took a break just so he could call me for moral support. I told him he is the RIGHT MAN FOR THE JOB!!! That's when you know the Double B is pushed to the edge. He is not really a man of many words or one who needs many words. Therefore; he was forced to call the Marie Hotline. 1-800-RIE-HELP. Don't worry -- I totally saved the day! I could open my own private practice. It's holistic mental healing, for not as much money as you would pay a professional!

Double B Status: Over worked and under payed.

Double B Status: I'm not sure, but I think he is not the victim of hormones. He doesn't seem to have the same problem with that that I do. Weird. Weird, sir or ma'am (look at me, picking up on the Midwest ways! Woot woot!).

K.J. Status: Good, other then the victim of school. He is pretty sure he is being tortured by the system. But then, he does go to school for a long time -- 9-4:10. You might be saying what the heck? I know I am!

K.J. Status: Imagination running away from him. Got busted for not doing his work at school. You know why? Because he was off in dream land with his imaginary webkinz pets! I totally understand this... I was always off in some never land. That is why I can't divide today. Also, for the record, I spent the whole seventh grade year in pre-algebra day dreaming. Every day. Instant wandering off into unknown lands. The Double B really struggled to stay on task as a kid, too, as he had a pretty good case of ADD. With our genetics combined, we have created -- a wonderful, imaginative, kind, day-dreaming, struggles to stay focused K.J. THE MAGNIFICENT!!! What a kid. We'll get him through, don't worry. But from now on, the imaginary webkinz pets stay home (they have been banished from school).

K.J. Status: A little homesick, too. But muddling through. His great joy is texting his cousin Addie on my phone or skyping with her. Modern conveniences -- absolutely incredible.

Olivia Status: Also thinks school was designed to torture her and only her. OF course, she went from a half day that was two hours and foty five minutes to a full day that is seven hours and ten minutes. Poor Olivia. Poor Mommy. I miss the little nugget.

Olivia Status: Can't WAIT for our trip to Disneyland with my parents and the beloved cousins in March! She is not the only one, but she talks about it EVERY DAY. Can't. Wait.

Olivia Status: She and K.J. have been snapping at each other a little more then usual lately. Ugh. But Olivia frequently comes out on top... she charms her way there. Also, she has the coolest primary teacher ever! Every week she comes out of class beaming and carrying the coolest primary swag. Awesome!

Katelyn Status: Catching a runny nose cold. Again. Poor little birdy-bird. Speaking of birds, you should see the geese out here. Flying all over the place in their groovy formations, every day. Huh.

Katelyn Status: Spends her days carrying a huge arm full of toys from place to place. It is pretty darn charming, I have to admit. Of course, anywhere you go it is pretty slow going. She has to bring them all, and she has to carry them herself. What a kid!

Katelyn Status: Every time she sees the computer on, she runs up to it and yells, "Talk! Papas! Talk! Grandmas!" Meaning, of course, that she wants to Skype. But once we are skyping, she runs in and out of the picture like a crazy woman. But you know what? That is Katelyn.
She has just arranged all of her current babies (four) on the floor and covered them with blankets, then laid down next to them with her blanket, threw her arm over her eyes, and started "snoring." What a good Mommy.

Your Status: You just read a lot of status blurbel by Marie. Check your forehead and make sure you don't have a fever! Have a good day, friends!


Ducksoup said...

love you rie, hang in there. probably a little sunshine and some warm weather will help. who doesn't need a little vitamin d? sorry you are homesick. that is perhaps the worst feeling in the world. loved your cute post but feel bad you are homesick. maci and kate would play great with their babies. send her over :). love you girl. can you text me your number again? i don't have it anymore. thanks!

Elise said...

Homesickness is the WORST. I am doing everything in my power to NOT give you advice. It's the kind of thing that everyone seems to work through in their own way. This summer when we got to Florida my oldest daughter was in tears with homesickness. I told her that no matter where we are, as long as our family is together we are home. Then we moved to Seattle. And I was REALLY homesick and crying a lot. And I remembered the platitudes I had shared with my daughter. And they didn't really help me. I just had to work through it.

I'm sorry, buddy. May the homesickness and job adjustments and school adjustments pass quickly. If it makes you feel better, I am envious of your adventure. I am ITCHING to get out of town. Summer can't come quickly enough! :)

Tara said...

I miss Utah school schedules too. I hated all day kindergarten here. We start at 7:40 and go to 3:20. I hate mornings. Tim always gets the kids ready. I had a really hard time when we moved too. Sorry. It's rough I hope you feel better this week. Good luck with everything.