Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tueday Requires A Post

* Battle Potty-training commences. In the words of Romeo, "Either thou, or I, or both must follow him!" Now I'm not suggesting that either Katelyn or I will have to die to make this happen, but what I AM saying is... the time has come, and we can't chicken out. I have to leave for an hour or so (it is the Double B's day off) and I asked him to just put her on the potty every once in awhile. AND HE SAID, "Oh, I think I'll just put a diaper on her." And then I threatened him with my rapier and dagger and the same Shakespearean vow if he did such a thing.
I think he was really scared.
* We have church callings! Hip-hip-hoorah! The Double B is a ward missionary, and I get to teach CTR7. Woot woot! I have publicly declared this, but it bears repeating: I told the Double B not to be a hater about my way cool calling, not every one gets to teach adorable children the gospel right before they are baptized. So excited! My kids are really cute, too. I have been in primary three times, but never a primary TEACHER. It should be a great experience. I am very happy to have a place to put my shoulder to the wheel! It is really important to both of us to be able to serve in a calling -- the Lord has given us so much, and this is a tiny little thing we can give him back.
* School finally started back up today. I never like it when school is back in session, but poor Olivia was a mess last night. I just couldn't comfort her, she cried and sobbed and cried and sobbed... everything was horrible in her mind -- she was just so worked up about all the possibilities that she forgot how well things were going before the break -- that her teacher was so nice, and the kids gave her lots of attention, and they thought she was super smart. She couldn't fall asleep until about eleven (three hours after bedtime), and then she kept waking up crying during the night. Poor little bird. But she was back on track this morning and excited that Daddy could take her to school! K.J. just didn't want to school because if he could do nothing all day every day he'd be one happy duck. Me too, sadly. We just like to sit and stare at each other, I guess. But they are back and all is normal once again.
* The Double B and I have both noticed that Katelyn is much more agreeable lately. She is heading back into the terrific two's, not just the terrible two's -- hallelujah! Her super cute personality is shining through again and there are not so many fits... and she can calm down when she is thinking of throwing one. Phew! We both think part of it is just growing up, but most of it is that things are finally starting to become normal again in her life... she is starting to feel at home and things aren't topsy turvey anymore. Poor kid. When you think about it, her life has been abnormal since October -- Daddy left and she knew something was up but she didn't know what. Then we got here and Daddy was back but nothing else was normal. It's been a long road for her, but we're happy to see her light and bright and cheery again! And as trouble-making as ever, as is her mission in life. She is our great adventurer, that is for sure! And guess what. She LOVES nursery class here. The nursery loather now bounces in and bounces out. She loves it. Isn't that funny? But awesome, let's clarify. Please, please, please Katelyn... decide to go potty in the toilet! Then all will be right with the world.
* Finally for today, I have a friend. That's right. A real life, we hang out, we like each other, we have bonded, FRIEND. Her name is Bev. Yay, Bev! AND she is from ENGLAND. Beat that. And many more kind and friendly people in our lives, so we feel blessed.
* The End.


Ducksoup said...

love it rie. glad you have a friend. you are so funny! and go katelyn go. maci went in the potty twice today and then wouldn't take her diaper off after naptime - - so not too much luck here. ryan's nurse friend at work says to put them on the toilet every 20 minutes with the sink running. you probably already do that though. so best of luck to you. potty training is quite the thing, that's for sure.

and oh poor olivia. man, that sounds like a rough night. glad she made it to school. hopefully you can both get some sleep tonight!

did ben survive the holidays? glad they are over and maybe you can actually see him again.

Elise said...

I'm glad you have a friend! Yay for English Bev!

May the force be with you as you potty train. That is a tough job. The laundry. OH, THE LAUNDRY. Good luck, y friend.

Elise said...

That's, "MY friend." Darn M key. You have failed me, M key!

Now I'm really going. My kids are walking around the house while eating tortilla chips. There are shards everywhere and I JUST swept. This will not end well.