Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fooor Reeeeal?

A few days ago a friend posted something on facebook about where they were three years ago. That got me curious, and inspired me to look up on the old blog all of the posts from May 2010 to see what we were doing. It was hilarious, and of course I had to read them to the Double B. We both laughed so hard! I was about a million months pregnant with Katelyn at the time, and life was very adventurous. Plus, I'm always a little coo-coo for cocoa puffs when pregnant.
Good times. Good times.
Then the Double B, who never reads my blog, grilled me about if I'm currently writing here. Then told me I need to be more faithful! We don't want to let this baby fall off the train tracks! I thought that was funny. But see, he likes to hear what was written in the past. I do, too, really. Brings back a lot of fun memories.
I am thankful for my blog. I started it in January 2009 and have kept a pretty faithful record ever since. And while I've tried to keep a personal journal since I was young, that was always iffy. Plus, blogging gives you the sense that you are really writing to someone listening, so for me personally -- I feel like I am a better communicator. Which translates as, for four and a half years now, we've all gotten to listen to Special Marie. Sometimes I flip through old journals and just sigh -- I am so spazzy. But I just keep going. One thing is for sure -- my offspring will have a REAL GOOD IDEA of who I am. This will help inspire them that if Great-Great-Great Grandma Marie can do it, ANYONE CAN. For real.
"For real" is a phrase I have picked up in Kansas City, by the way. The Double B says I use it all the time now, but let's be for real -- I don't say it as well as the native Kansas City-zians. Theirs is like "Foooooooor REEEEEEEAL?!" Not sure that can translate here. Try saying it out loud exactly as written, but add a nasal drawl (not a strong drawl, it's all in the nose), and don't spend too much time with the R's. The actor in me has spent a lot of time trying to get this down. I think it would be easier but most of the people I spend time with are from church, and they are almost all transplants. I still have to put a finger on my nose to get it -- telling my brain where to put the sound, I guess. Foooor REEEEAL.
The Double B has had a big few weeks at work. Mother's Day last week and graduation starting this week (plus, he always gets a ton of sick calls around holidays), then a big walk from a mighty and powerful Costco person yesterday. Lots and lots of hours. Of course, he knocked it out of the ball park! He is so stinking awesome. He has worked his guts out, and he is finally getting that department, that was so full of serious problems, where it needs to be. Basically, he has moved a mountain. The Lord has helped him so much. And yesterday in the mail, he got his fancy "Ten Years" congratulation card from his store managers. I was pretty proud. I told him we were gonna frame it, but he said we can frame the twenty year! But I'm keeping that one. It's a big accomplishment.

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Tara said...

Looking back on the memories is fun. My kids love it. We tried to start a family history time on Sundays and during that time we would read from histories of our ancestors or from our blog journals. The kids loved it and are always repeating what they thought was something funny that one of them did and then asking the others to guess who used to do/say it!
Way to go on the Ten Years. That is a big accomplishment. Foooor Reeeeal!! :)