Friday, May 17, 2013

The Good Ol' Days

I haven't felt well yesterday and today. You know how it is. The headache that comes and knocks you out and convinces your body that the two of you were never friends.
I guess that's part of old age.
While lying on the couch feeling yucky, I decided to watch 'The Office' series finale while Kate was taking her nap. The Double B and I absolutely adored 'The Office' for the first four seasons, and even enjoyed season five and a few of the later episodes. We have watched those episodes over, and over, and over again. We have just always adored those characters and they have brought us lots of laughs and felt -- like all television series that you let into your life -- like they were family.
So I've paid a little more attention this last season and was interested to see the finale. There was one moment that really made me think. One of the characters, Andy, says something along the lines of "I wish you could know you were living in 'the good old days' while you were in them."
I thought that was a very profound point, and it kind of tapped me on the shoulder. And while this has been an interesting season in my life, I am absolutely sure that I am living in the good old days -- right now.
I want to soak it up.

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