Tuesday, June 11, 2013


You'll be happy to know KJ was happily running around with the other boys when I picked him up yesterday. He said it was so fun, but so hot and exhausting! I am so glad. Sometimes I think I might like needless worrying. I MUST like it, because I do it a lot! It's a hobby of mine.
The Double B is with him today. Sure, not a dream day off, maybe, but it's a great thing. The Double B has a great older Dad. He is so awesome, but because he is so much older (88 now, woo hoo!), I think sometimes it's hard for my sweetie pie to know how to be a young Dad, a super involved Dad, even though he so much wants to be. So these events are a great opportunity for all of us!
Last night I dreamed that I was at some fancy 80's country club party trying to fit in with the socially elite, when my front tooth fell out! My right front tooth. I'd noticed in the bathroom it was turning, then back at the party a huge chunk of it fell out! So I went and looked in horror and the rest of it just fell out! And let me tell you, losing my front tooth left a very large hole. The ladies in the restroom were laughing at me, so I went to find the Double B, who was sitting at a table in a double breasted suit and tried to tell him my problem without opening my mouth. He was horrified and we tried to sneak out of the party. Very strange.
I should get a dream interpreter and sell the interpretations on Ebay. Let me tell ya.
Last night my wise sister Trina was my life coach via telephone and had some amazing thoughts to share about having order in our lives, because our spirits are beings of order and we need it more then we know. That really resounded with me, and I'm willing and able today to create order in my life. The end.
Happy Tuesday!

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