Monday, July 1, 2013

Instead Of Sleeping...

We had a fun day! A very busy day between watching kids for a friend (which of course my own kids loved!) and getting ready to cross the country this weekend! When I was a kid, I just didn't know why my Mom always wanted the house to be sparkling clean before a big trip. It was just such a mystery to me. But now, as The Mom, oh boy do I get it! I think it's our spirit that wants order so much, especially when you are the one in charge of the household -- you just want to make sure it is clean and orderly so it is one less thing to worry about while you're away! Phew, though. Busy day. Productive day, though! Plus, with the help of my microwave timer (which gave me five minute intervals), I snuck in some reading, too. That way I don't lose my mind going from room to room. I am reading 'Jane Eyre' and am once again besotted with the whole thing.
The Double B had a terrible twelve hour day and is doomed to a harder day tomorrow. He is in such a hard situation and my heart just reaches out to him. I wish I knew how to lighten his burden. The only thing I know to do is make sure that our home is a happy, orderly home when he's here, to try to be as loving as possible, and to pray my guts out for him. It is hard to watch. Very frustrating.
Katelyn turns three in a couple of weeks, which is totally wild! She is a chatter-box, but she can be difficult to understand. It's interesting, because when we're home I can understand almost everything she says, but if we go somewhere or if she is excited at all -- almost impossible to understand. She knows what she wants to say but it just doesn't come out clearly -- you can only really pick out a word or two of her sentence. I think that she will need some speech therapy, and that is totally groovy with me. Liv couldn't walk and needed physical therapy -- I look at this in pretty much the same light. We all have things that are tricky. In a few years we'll have no idea it was ever a struggle! She has her yearly check-up in a couple of weeks and I'm sure the doctor will have some great recommendations and hopefully even a good referral or two if he thinks we need one. Tonight Bev and I had a good talk about it -- she told me that our school district works heavily with kids with speech delays and is pretty awesome about it, apparently. But it's a long pre-school four days a week, and as a July baby, she'll already be young for her grade. Not sure if she's ready for that yet, to me she is still my tiny girl (my very tall tiny girl, that is). I guess we'll see what her doctor recommends and we'll go from there! She is the sweetest, funniest girl! I absolutely adore that child.
It's interesting -- we don't know if the Lord will send another child into our home or not. That's sort of out of our hands. Katelyn could very well be the caboose, and I am a Mom who loves my babies. Maybe that is why to me she's just always my tiny banana. I try to enjoy ever second as she grows and develops!
Being a Mom is cool.


Tink said...

I wish I could get my house all sparkly clean and orderly before you get here, that way we can just play! :-) Problem is the harder I try the worse it gets! It's so hot outside, the kids are kinda confined to the indoors for a good portion of the day, and you know how that goes...disaster! Plus our garden is going crazy and its all I can do to keep up with all the produce. I don't want it to go bad! Anyway. Hopefully I will have it under control before you arrive! :-) ~Can't Wait~

katie said...

Hey, so I just figured out that your parents are in our ward! I was sitting in Sunday school and I saw your dad, at least I was pretty sure it was. Anyway I asked my friend and she said it was brother Allred. I thought it was pretty cool! We love our ward :)