Monday, July 29, 2013

Rainy Days And Mondays

It has been raining a hard, beautiful, much needed rain all day in Kansas City.
This inspired me to sit on my bum and stare out the window; however, the bug guy was (allegedly) coming, and let's face it -- I have been doing the bare minimum since returning from our trip -- so there was no bum sitting today! The house has heaved a sigh of relief, though! And the Double B, too, I think, who will never complain about it (he values his life too much, I think... plus, he's nice) is very happy. He can't help it. He likes a clean house and he likes a home cooked meal. That is his love language. Clean and food.
The bug guy never came. Never called, never wrote. What the heck, right?
I forgive him, though. No sense harboring ill will in this scenario.

Today Olivia looked out the window and exclaimed "It's raining cats and dog... but not so much dogs!" Clever, right? She's a clever girl. She was worried if she talked too much about dogs it would make Kate nervous. What a nice sister.
Katelyn's speech has really taken off. I guess all I had to do was express some concern and it was off to the races! On Saturday the primary was in charge of the ward party (nightmare situation for Struggles-To-Delegate-So-Procrastinates-Marie) -- it was a carnival and pancake breakfast to celebrate pioneer day. And I am happy to report, it was a wild success. So many people came and I think everyone had a great time. The kids loved the carnival! And I got home and had a toothache in my legs. The Double B laughs at that description, but that's the only way to describe it. You've had it -- that terrible ache all the way down. So I climbed in the tub last night so it could settle in my joints and I could at least do something about it... it was nice to have some peace and quiet. Peace and quiet except when Katelyn would come up to the locked door to cry for me, or when she said clear as a bell in her little nasally voice "Hey, Mommy? I want to take a bath with you!" Cutest thing ever. Naturally, I guarded my alone time like a warrior, but still. It was cute.
On Friday Olivia was giving me a snuggle and Katelyn didn't like that (she rarely likes to share Mommy, let's face facts). Kate marched up and said "Hey! Stop stealing my Mommy!" When I explained I was Mommy to both of them, she said very emphatically "Well I'M your Kate the GREAT!!!" So obviously that should clear up any questions about allegiance, right? She's so funny.

I have an announcement: I have used up all my patience. It's gone. My poor children. Something just snapped: I woke up last Monday morning and it had disappeared! Does that ever happen to you? It's like I do so good for so long and then BAM! Psycho killer on the loose. I even repented yesterday during church. It was real repentance, too, I was sincerely sorry. But I'm already a lunatic again. I swear. Sometimes I realign myself so well on Sunday... I've got it all worked out and things are going to be better. Then by Monday night I'm back in the Sinner's Circle of Lesser Awesomeness. Someone wiser then myself once explained it as being "Tuesday Folk" (you know who you are, Sista Richins). Except I'm kind of Monday Folk. Here is what I appreciate, though: I know that all I have to do is my very best and He'll take care of the rest. So here's to applying myself! I know three smallish people and their father who would appreciate it. The Double B really doesn't know what to do when this situation pops up -- he tries several different tactics. It is actually kind of fun to watch -- if I can just remember to deal with the giant stick up my bum!

Signing off,
The Wonder That Is Marie.

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Deepfryer said...

you are so awesome. talk about honesty rie. i love it and think the world of you for it. i have too many sins to write but you just get the one of the table and get it taken care of.

awesome job with your pancake party! wish i coulda been there. kansas city is so lucky to have you.

have an awesome day. hope the bug guy came.