Wednesday, August 14, 2013

First Day Of School

 First day of 1st grade!
First day of 4th grade! 
My sweet little family. I feel so blessed! They are best friends. 
We rode bikes today, and of course Liv and her scooter were a little slower then KJ and his bike. He finally decided he couldn't wait anymore and just basically TOOK HIMSELF TO SCHOOL! When we finally got there, he was already settled. I did get this stalker fuzzy picture, though. His teacher pointed out that, well, he is in 4th grade. Still. My independent guy! I actually think that is a spectacular thing! 
Liv still needed me to get her settled, though. She was cool as a cucumber! Not so much for Katelyn, but Liv was feeling in the zone. She is my angel girl. And guess what -- her good friend from church, Emily -- sits diagonally from her, same block of desks! YES! It's so nice to have a built-in friend. 
 Big hugs and wishes for a very happy first day!

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