Thursday, August 15, 2013


It was such a great day at school! We were so happy about how great everything went.
Yesterday for "homework" KJ had to fill out a questionnaire all about himself.
It was so cute.
He was asking me how to spell things like "Shakespeare" and that got me very curious about what he was writing. When I read it, my heart totally melted.
Here are some of his answers:

Favorite Book: A Nephite in the Works
TV show: Mythbusters
Actor/Actress: Shakespeare
Role Model: Mom
Singer/Band: The Beatles
Color: Yellow
Subject in School: Reading
Place to Visit: Utah
Song: Carry On
What are some things that bug you?: Headaches
What are some things you worry about?: People
School would be better ir...: Fridays were short days
Things I'd like to accomplish this year: Math work

It was such a cute little insight into him. But what really struck me is how much of an influence Mom's have on us -- and how much influence I, as his Mom, have on him. Shakespeare? The Beatles? Carry On? It was just so sweet. I had no idea he was picking up on the little things that his Mom loves and loving them himself. I was touched he listed me as his role model without hesitation and felt ready to try every day to be the role model he deserves. Sigh. What a lucky gal I am!

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Ducksoup said...

love it rie. my poor kids are going to be so boring if they are anything like their mom. favorite actor: don't know any, etc.

anyway best part was the role model question. love that. i better be a better mom.