Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dear F.C.

Olivia has been battling a bad cold the last several days. Yesterday she was a teensy bit warm and sounded like she was a lifetime smoker, but I still sent her to school, because that is how I roll, apparently. I told her to be brave and if she got sick she could go to the nurse's office and call home, but to try her best. I was surprised not to get a phone call! When I picked the kids up from school, she reported, "Mom, I had to go to the Nurse's office today!" Well -- I was impressed that she braved it out. When I told her that, she said "Oh, no, I wasn't brave. They just said I didn't need to go home! But I have sneezed and coughed a lot today!" Ha ha.
This morning she was warm again and pretty listless. I sent my boyfriend, the Double B, a text to ask him what he thought while I kept an eye on her laying on my bed like the martyr she is, trying to gear up for school. After breakfast I decided I'd better just keep her in bed today, and just then got an answer from BB. He said "stay home or she will drive the nurse crazy!" So true. She was pretty psyched about the news, and of course KJ was nervous right away, not sure he could GO to school by himself. I bribed him by telling him he could have school lunch today. All is right with the world.
Here are my two girls, happy as cold-ridden larks, snuggled up in Mommy's room watching Curious George:
I think that's true about Liv and the school Nurse. I think they must be very good friends, because Olivia comes home quite often with reasons she needed to go visit the nurse's office. Once, in fact, I got a call from the school nurse because Olivia had an itchy bum. True story. The nurse had sent her in with some wipes to try to take care of business, but just thought I should know their course of action and keep an eye on any further bum complaints. Oh, brother!
Last night we went to our very favorite place, Planet Sub. Monday is family night, so kids eat free. Olivia, who hates sandwiches with every fiber of her being, and still lives under the delusion that she doesn't like any bread products, goes happily because she gets her own bag of chips and root beer. Last night, though, the Double B felt that man can not live off barbecue chips and root beer alone (weird thought, I know), and tried really hard to get her to try her sandwich. It didn't go over too well. He got her to eat a tiny piece of meat and then I got her to take a bite of bread. She was convinced I was trying to torture her. I'm pretty sure she would have reported us if given the chance! I didn't get a great shot of the horror on her face, unfortunately, but I do think this captures just a tiny bit of the deep suspicion Olivia holds for bread:
Let's all just acknowledge that to not like bread is very unusual. And she's been like this all her life. Imagine trying to feed a human that won't take part in ANY bread product -- tortillas, rolls, sweet breads, even some crackers. Yikes! (Basically, I am begging for sympathy here. Your suspicion was correct.) Plus, I like Kate's cute open mouth and agreeable nature concerning food. You want her to eat it? You bet! Go, Kate, go. My feelings, exactly.
After eating Katelyn received a "phone call." Lately she's been talking to Uncle Jonnie a lot (they have lots of laughs but also lots of arguments), but last night it was Aunt Trina. And I don't know what Aunt Trina was telling her, but it was SHOCKING.
In fact, I don't think I would have minded being a part of that conversation!
That Katelyn -- WHO IS A POTTY-TRAINED GIRL, WORLD -- is pretty darn likable. I do believe I will be keeping her.
In other news, the primary program is in two weeks, and this Saturday is the practice. I am trusting in divine intervention!
Also, the Double B is in high gear getting ready for the holidays. He is a man on a mission. Yesterday was a highly unproductive day for me, I just. kept. daydreaming. It was weird, I'd get so distracted doing anything... so I just gave in and accomplished very little, pretty much. When he came home, I confessed my level of unproductively, and he laughed and then said "Well, I guess I daydream, too. I daydream about Thanksgiving."
I had to laugh, because that was true.
In closing, I have been reading a lot of stuff lately about stay-at-home versus working Moms. Humans are so strange. Let me just say, Moms are awesome. I am lucky to be a SAHM, but that is a huge luxury, which obviously comes with some sacrifice, and I realize that. My Mom was a superhero working Mom and all my aunts were, so I fully expected to be, and know a little from witnessing it how difficult that can be. It comes with some luxury and some sacrifice, right? So I'd just like to say, all you SAHM's, I salute you. I know you get driven crazy sometimes. All you working Mom's, I salute you! I don't know how you wear so many hats, but I admire you so.
Mom's rock. We should just get over the differences and acknowledge our basic awesomeness.
The End!


Ducksoup said...

Seriously thank you for the post. I checked first thing this morning and saw pictures...so I thought some exciting text would follow. Love yah rie! You are just awesome yah know. Wish we could hang out since we both are so lucky to be SAHM. Hope livi gets better soon

Kyle, Alicia, and Jaxson said...

Ha ha ha. . . . I couldn't stop laughing about the school nurse calling you, hilarious! I am also relieved to know that Jaxson is not the only kid who refuses to eat bread, tortillas, etc. I was sure he was the only one. Because, seriously, how can he not like bread? Thanks for your post, it looks like you guys are doing well, yay!

Tara said...

That's pretty funny. I hope Olivia is feeling better soon. Does she have any allergies? I've heard some kids will avoid foods they are allergic to. But I also know some who make themselves sick because they like what they are allergic to.