Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Liv was recently amazed that Grandpa B will be 89 in just a couple of weeks.

Olivia- So... Grandpa will really be NINETY soon?

Mom - Yes.

Olivia - Wow... Home Run, Grandpa!!!

And... scene. Oh boy. I melted.

Last night at dinner:

Olivia - I don't know what's going on with me, I'm just filled with gas these days!

She couldn't figure out why I thought that was so funny.

Last week Kate and I were snuggling on the couch. Suddenly she looked up at me and said very, very firmly: "My Dad calls me a BUG!!!"

A week and a half ago the internet wasn't working when Liv was in the mood to play an online math game. She was very disturbed, but I told her we could at least watch a movie (like a DVD). She sighed and said "I have to say hello to your and Dad's childhood?!?!?!"
What the heck, girl. DVD's are still your childhood, too. So funny.

On our date night last month, KJ desperately wanted to go look at the costumes at Party City. Naturally, he scared the poop out of himself doing it and is now scarred for life. I had to laugh. Tuesday when we drove by there we had the following conversation:

KJ - Mom, no matter how much I beg, do NOT let me go into Party City again until after Halloween.

Mom - Okay. No matter how much you beg, I will NOT take you to Party City. Ever again.

KJ - Mom!!! I meant until after October!!!

Mom - Okay. I will never take you to Party City again.

KJ - Mooooooommmmmm!!!!!

Mom - Okay. I won't take you again until after Halloween.

KJ - Good. No matter how much I beg!!!
And... scene.

Being a Mom is so cool.


Ducksoup said...

such fun kids... my kids need an awesome mom like you!

Ducksoup said...

dear rie, please post soon. i keep checking your blog and nothing. i love you no matter what but sure would be nice to hear from you. love, FC