Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I Like October

I have decided to be a very good girl today and catch up a little bit with my BFF, the blog. Just think of the future generations, those who will have NO IDEA what has happened over the last few weeks. I know. Sorry, future guys. Great-great Granny loves you, and I know you wait with baited breath for every entry. It's okay now. Turn the page. You can do it! Turn the page.
There is a mist here today. It is so weird. I haven't yet gotten used to that factoid about the Midwestern part of the United States. It's a partly cloudy day, humid and probably nearing eighty degrees, and since it's fall and all, we should definitely throw in a weird mist. I guess I should embrace it, it is sort of Halloween-ish. But also -- weird.
There are weird things here.
Guess what!!! Katelyn is like 60% a potty girl! That's right -- we can't all the way throw out those magical words "potty-trained," but darned if she isn't getting there. She peed in the toilet for the very first time ever roughly 11 days ago while we were in Nauvoo. I know. Miracle? I think so. It may have strengthened my testimony a little bit!
I am happy. Happy, happy, deliriously happy.
And amazed about how free you are in bathroom terms as a parent. Well, to be realistic, I am also married to the Double B. I was a little uncomfortable when we were first married how often poop made it into the conversation. But now... I'm one of them. I'm one of the bathroom people!
Speaking of the Double B, he got home early Monday (I know, I almost passed out, too). We went on a little lunch date to celebrate and then he came up with the totally radical idea to take the kids to a little side of the road pumpkin deal he'd seen for Family Home Evening and let them pick pumpkins to paint/carve. So we picked up the kids and went on an adventure. For the record: they LOVED it. Way to be, Double B!
Look at all these gigantic gourds! Dude. There was even a path through them!
The kids had fun jumping in the gigantic bouncy pumpkin, and then the girls decided they wanted little ones to paint. They were very definite in what they wanted: Liv wanted "White!" and Kate wanted "ORANGE! ORANGE, ORANGE!!!"
This picture shows my mad skills, because look -- even the boys are there in the back searching for KJ's! Shazam! 
These children. They are alright, man. 
Ta-da! Kate had "Sister Bev" in mind while coloring hers... I think she is planning to give it to her as a surprise. I'll let you know how that develops. 
Olivia made a super cool mix of Frankenstein and a Vampire. Creative? Yes, indeed. I'm proud. 
KJ designed his and Daddy helped him carve it. It sits proudly on our front porch as we speak. 
Coolest kids ever! Man, I like my kids. 
P.S. One year ago today, the Double B got offered a job. And here we are. The End. 

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