Monday, October 21, 2013

Wet Behind The Ears

We had a good and busy weekend. Saturday was pretty much a race to the finish line! Got the kids up and to the church early to set up for primary practice with my new secretary, Kari, who I absolutely love and am well on the way to adoring. She just moved here from the Salt Lake City area and is a gem. She feels like home to me. :)
We were nervous about how many kiddos we'd have because it was such a busy weekend in KC, but we got about forty (about a fourth of our kids) and we were happy. They are the absolute sweetest, cutest, most wonderful kids ever. They are so responsive and -- because we all know how much I love to be petted -- just make my day by thinking I am hilarious. They crack me up, but they really are so good, too. I love primary. I recently realized that once I have a grip on whatever calling I have, it quickly becomes my "favorite" calling. I love this one. I LOVE those kids. They are so precious, so good. I hope when I grow up I become just like them.
Practice went pretty well considering (yesterday, not so much -- I am counting on a miracle here), and then by the time we got everything cleaned up, it was time for a convert baptism, so the kids and I joined in there. My kids are great. My gosh, I am so lucky. They were tired but took it like champions.  After that, I took them to a play date (tender mercies), and headed back to the church for another baptism -- FOUR of my kids, three from my old class, were baptized. It was so cute. And very full. By the time that was over, it felt like a long day at church, haha. But then I walked out of the church building and this is what I saw:
I wish I could explain the peace and power I felt, dragging my tired body out of the church and then seeing this incredible temple. I felt of it's healing and saving power. So I stopped for awhile just to soak it in, and felt my cup fill back up. Then I headed off to get the kids.
They were still pretty energized and felt up to a grocery trip to Wally's World. It was so busy! I think everyone in Kansas City was at Wal-Mart. Of course, Sunday was game day (Chiefs, 7-0. If you don't think that is the biggest deal ever!), so I think many people were stocking up. Kansas Citizians take their teams VERY. SERIOUSLY. And who can blame them. Even though we may never scrounge up the money to go watch the NFL, it's still pretty fun. We can afford MLB in the nosebleeds, so I'm good with that. While shopping, this happened: 
Awe! I know. Kate decided she is going to be Rapunzel for Halloween, and was so excited about her dress that she fell asleep on it! She got lots of cute remarks. Mid-westerners really are friendly people.
It was a long day, but not as much as the Double B, who pulled a 15 hour day (after a 14 hour day on Friday). Yikes! Holidays are here, ladies and gentlemen. If you work in the Costco bakery, the nightmare has arrived!
This morning I walked into KJ's room where the children had gathered. KJ said "Mom, it's so weird. Nobody in my whole grade believes in Santa Claus anymore. Isn't that crazy!? I just don't care, I'm going to believe anyway. They'll see on Christmas!"
I feel a little guilty about those conversations because I don't want to outright lie. So when it was expected for me to have a response, I just said "Well, Santa Claus is a symbol of Christ, right? He is a powerful symbol of what Christmas really means." And they all agreed! So... good. I've got a stand-by. I think I might just say "call Grandma." Because my Mother has never, and will never, deny the existence of Santa Claus. I tried to break her in my youth. It doesn't work! I guess I can just send those 4th graders to her! Grandma take down!
Soon after I got a text from the Double B. His negligent decorator called in sick for the 9,385th time, and today is a huge day -- the boss of the whole company is coming to their building today. He was SO DISCOURAGED. I sensed the old animosity towards his position, the hours, and the stress it creates -- because of the perfect storm in this area and his building. I sent back a cheery little message to encourage him, but at that moment I thought: I can't do this again! Honestly, the last year has been SO HARD for my husband. He left us a year ago to start this adventure, and from then until August, I never encountered his optimistic, hopeful self again. It was pretty horrible. Not for me, really, but just watching him suffer like that and be so very far from his native temperament was very hard. So believe me when I say the last few months it has been so wonderful for me to see hope re-enter his life and his outlook. It brought so much back to him -- his sense of humor, his joy in little things, in his family. So to hear that creeping back in with this psychotic time at work brought out a pretty strong feeling of dread in me. And then -- almost like a lightning bolt -- this scripture came into my mind: "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." It is from Phillipians 4:13. My friend Jodi had sent it to me in a letter last fall, and it came at a good time, I truly appreciated it then. But I didn't know how deeply it had sunk into my heart until this morning. It came like an anchor to my soul, it brought immediate peace, hope, and encouragement. That is one of my favorite things the Holy Ghost can do: to bring all things to our rememberance. At the exact moment we need  them! I so appreciated and needed it this morning!
I know that's true. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. So can the Double B. So can you.
Time to hunker down and weather another tough few months, but he'll come out on the other side. We all will, stronger, better, more able to face what comes.
In closing, here is a little nugget of awesomeness:
The other night before prayer the kids were asking about when my Dad got baptized. My parents were married soon thereafter, and they were asking about when/how, etc., trying to even IMAGINE their Grandpa's life before. To Olivia this translated as not having any religion before. I explained that Grandpa's family just belonged to a different religion, they were very good people, and his experiences helped prepare him for the gospel. Then Olivia burst out "Well, it's a good thing they didn't get married RIGHT after he got baptized, or his hair would still be wet!"
Ha ha. I love how her mind works. I texted that to my parents and my Mom replied "Yes, we waited a month for it to dry but dad says he was still wet behind the ears."
Pretty fun.
Alright. Bye. Go forth and serve!

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